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The Benefits of Digital Signage App for Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t have as much money as big companies for promoting their products. But this doesn’t mean that small firms will have to make do with limited advertising exposure. The use of a digital signage app has proven to be manna in heaven for small to medium sized companies that want to compete with the big players as far as marketing their products is concerned.

To say that the digital signage business is on the upswing would be an understatement. A market research reports that the digital signage market will be worth more than $20 billion by 2020. And this is not only spurred by big companies, but also smaller companies wanting to showcase their products and services to customers.

Digital signage represents the future of advertising. It has replaced traditional print advertising which is expensive, unreliable and prone to damage. Digital signage is also a lot more attractive to customers, with large displays in full color. Simply put even the ordinary man on the street will likely give a digital signage advertisement a second look.

Digital signage app

There are many benefits small enterprises can get from having a digital signage:

1. Increase in sales

Because digital signage app can effectively promote the products and services of a small firm, more and more customers will become aware of a company’s offerings. There have been studies indicating that digital signs can boost sales revenues of companies by five to 50 percent. Digital signs particularly are effective in generating new business for small firms.

Digital ads are simply more attractive and enticing than other traditional ads. Because of these inherent characteristics, a digital signage can effectively promote any product or service of a small business.

2. Can serve as a distraction

Digital signage app can also serve to distract customers who have to wait for service, such as in banks and supermarkets. Small firms can use digital advertisements not only to promote their products but also to divert the attention of their customers who have to wait and fall in line.

Various researches have shown that perception of customers of wait times can be reduced by as much as 40 percent if there are digital signs in a business.

3. More cost effective

Compared to other traditional forms of advertising like print ads, digital signage is a lot more cost effective. For one, there is absolutely no need to print an advertisement, or reprint every time a business owner wants to make a change. By pushing a few buttons, business owners can update an existing advertisement and upload it.

In some ways, digital signage app can also be used to give a store or outlet a facelift. Simply updating the design of an advertisement can give the place a fresher look. It’s a lot cheaper than having to renovate the store itself.

4. It can be used in communicating with employees

Digital signage ads aren’t only appropriate for communicating with the external public through the display of products and services of a small business. To some extent, digital signage app can be harnessed as an internal communication tool.

Business owners who want to ensure that their employees are engaged can use digital signage for display of corporate values. Employees can also be updated on the latest products and services offered by the company, so they will know how to market these to clients.

Digital signage can also carry other information that would be valuable to employees such as weather alerts and live news. All of these can be displayed on the screens during certain times of the day, as customized by the app owner.

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