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Corporate Communication Solutions for Small Businesses

No matter how small, all businesses require and rely on effective communication to continue operating. From confidential meetings amongst managers, to informing staff members regarding new policies and regulations, companies should seek corporate communication solutions that not only make sure that messages are sent and delivered, but that messages are read and understood.

Here are some of the more common corporate communication solutions every small business needs:

1. Email

Email continues to be one of the most widely used corporate communication solutions in any industry, and in both small and large organizations. The beauty of email is that aside from being accessible from almost anywhere (as long as your device is compatible and can access the internet), email allows for a paper trail and archiving. Anyone can utilize this tool for any reason. While a manager can use this tool to let everyone in his or her team that there will be an important staff meeting within the week, employees can also use the tool to communicate with each other regarding the progress of a particular project. Companies can also use this tool and technology to keep in touch with new clients, to solicit new customers and to even allow consumers to send in their feedback regarding a particular product or service.

This tool also allows users to send and receive a variety of files, such as photos, videos, audio files and word documents. Sending and delivery is done in an instant, from anywhere and during any time of the day.

2. Applications that promote collaboration

In order to promote teamwork, collaboration and employee productivity, companies now look into corporate communication solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive to make file sharing easier, and work management applications to inform everyone in the team regarding the progress of particular projects.

While email allows staff members to communicate and to send each other important files and information, collaborative applications make these processes a lot easier and more organized. These applications also allow team members to be on the same page, to work towards particular goals, and to remind each other of their roles and responsibilities should anyone in the group fall short.

3. Instant messengers

The fortunate thing about corporate communication solutions such as instant messengers is their instant and synchronous nature, as well as their convenience. Both managers and staff members can opt for instant messengers when they need to communicate with one another. Whether it be regarding updates on a project or even announcing a company event, these tools allow for instant and efficient communication. Also, many instant messengers today allow users to see the online status of those they are chatting with at any time. Users can also send files through these tools, and they can also opt to do video conferences through them.

4. Web conferences

In the past, some people had to either conduct conferences over the phone with offsite managers, or fly in employees who were outside the vicinity of the conference, web conferences allow both employees and managers to instantly share their ideas through an online portal or through video. Sales staff can also use this tool to pitch offerings and services to customers, while getting immediate feedback from clients.\

5. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Phone calls, particularly overseas ones, cost a lot. VOIP allows communication to occur at a much lower cost. This technology entails the use of an adapter that breaks down voice conversations into data packets that are transmitted online. Aside from this capability, VOIP also enables users to leave and check voice messages, view archived call histories and re-route calls from any computer in the world that has internet connection.

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