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Create Your Own Employee Survey Template

Whether your business is experiencing revenue losses, low morale and overall low performance, you must take measures to improve workplace conditions and to meet your goals. Buy even when your company seems to be doing fine with everything under control, it would not hurt to strive for greater efficiency, more profit and better employee engagement to drive them.

Employee Engagement: Driver of Success

While customers are said to be the lifeblood of every business, businesses must not put all their focus on them. If a business wants to succeed, then it must put its employees first. Your employees are your best asset, so you must invest largely in them. Failure to recognize this fact will lead to big losses for your company. Employees are the key to creating lasting value; when you have happy and engaged employees, you will have happy customers who would not only do return business with you, but will bring other loyal customers to you, increasing your revenue and profit.

This brings us to the next important point: how do you engage your employees? Most managers think that engaging employees is synonymous to making employees happy and satisfied. So they set up rewards programs and work-life balance initiatives and come up with team building activities geared to attract and retain employees. However, most managers fail to realize that engagement is not the same as happiness and satisfaction. What distinguishes a happy and satisfied employee from an engaged one is commitment. An engaged employee is one who is committed to doing his job in order to help the business reach its goals.

How engaged are your employees?

To see if your organization is on the right track, you need not only look at your employees’ performance, productivity and efficiency, You should also check to see their level of engagement, which would give you a clear picture of how motivated they are to accomplish their tasks and how fulfilled they are about how they contribute to the success of your business.

Measuring employee engagement through observation alone can be difficult, especially for companies with many employees. Therefore, businesses use employee surveys to get insights about how their employees think and feel about their jobs and the company itself.

While you can use surveys to identify both the weak and strong points of management, you should be careful not to confuse them with employee engagement surveys. Therefore your surveys must be designed with the help of employee engagement survey templates.

Designing Surveys Based on Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Salary and other benefits are perceived by the general public as the main drivers of employee engagement. However, the results of the 30-year study with more than 17 million employees made by Gallup states otherwise. According to this study, engagement can be measured through how strongly employees feel about the following:

  • The way the company provides for their primary needs. Employees need to know what is expected of them. It is also important that they are provided with tools to perform their tasks well.
  • Their contribution to the organization. Engaged employees are aware of how they are valued not just as individuals but also as main contributors to the company’s success.
  • Their career growth and development. The most engaged employees are those who know that the job they hold is a right fit to their knowledge and skills, and those who know that they can grow professionally and personally in the company.

These criteria should then be the basis of which employee engagement survey templates you shall use in making your own surveys. Coming up with your own questionnaire from scratch can be difficult; it might also lead you to designing surveys that do not measure engagement. This is why you should be guided by employee engagement survey templates which are being offered by many sites and organizations online.

Of course, designing your survey is not enough; you should be able to present this survey to your employees in an efficient and non-intrusive way that will yield quick results. Fortunately, DeskAlerts is here to help. With the DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool, you can create, schedule and send surveys to employees’ desktops smoothly and with less effort. Not only will you be able to save on paper; you can also have the results of the survey tallied and compiled for you within minutes. Get employee feedback in quick and efficient way no paper or email-based survey can match; get the DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool now.

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