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Why Your Company Needs a Dedicated Channel for Important Internal Communication

dedicated channel

Employees have never had access to more information in the workplace than they do today. While that seems like a great thing in theory, in reality it can be overwhelming for employees as they become overloaded and overburdened with information. For companies needing to send important information to their staff, this can be extremely problematic, and requires a unique solution.

What is information overload?

Information overload is a term that has been coined to describe the excess of information that is available to someone who is trying to complete tasks or make decisions. Instead of being useful, it can actually be a hindrance. People can have too much information to effectively make a decision, or the information they need may not be easy to find – lost in all the other information people are exposed to.

Consider this. The average employee:

  • Participates in 5.1 meetings per day
  • Receives 120 emails each day
  • Receives 125 Slack messages each day.

This is more information than most people are able to sustainably deal with on a daily basis. Many emails and chat messages go unread as people can’t keep up with it all. Chances are, If you’ve sent something important it may never even bee seen, let alone acted on.

When employees don’t have the information they need to do their jobs properly, it makes it difficult for them to work towards corporate goals and priorities. Mistakes can be made, which can have implications for profit margins, and can even lead to legal or reputational problems.

What sorts of information should you prioritize?

There are many scenarios in the workplace where you need to ensure that employees receive important information from management. This information may be time-sensitive, or may have ramifications for the company if not acted upon.

This can include:

How a dedicated internal communications channel can help

To cut through the information and digital noise in the workplace, you need a communications channel that is guaranteed to be noticed by employees to deliver urgent and critical information to employees.

DeskAlerts is a standalone internal communications system that uses different tools and channels to bypass email and cut through digital noise to ensure that your important corporate information is seen by employees.

The system is deliberately intrusive and will send messages straight to computer screens in a way that cannot be skipped or ignored. Messages can be sent via pop-up notifications, scrolling desktop tickers, corporate screensavers and wallpapers and lock screen messages.

DeskAlerts messages:

  • Are highly visible and can appear on top of any other windows currently in use
  • Can be sent via an exclusive channel reserved for important messages
  • Have a proven 100% readership rate
  • Can be sent to every employee in the organization, or to targeted groups of employees
  • Can engage employees on any corporate device and can be sent on OSX or Windows machines as well as on Apple and Android phones and tablets
  • Can reach thousands of employees within seconds
  • Can keep people accountable when sent with an acknowledgment receipt. People won’t be able to use “I didn’t see the message” as an excuse.


When you need to reach people quickly and reliably, DeskAlerts is the right tool for the job. Get in touch with our internal communications experts today to find out how your company can implement our system to improve knowledge sharing and create a more cohesive, engaged work environment for your employees.


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