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DeskAlerts: Desktop Notifications for Financial Firms

DeskAlerts is a full-featured messaging and alert system, featuring customizable desktop notifications. The solution is ideal for all types of industries.

Communication comes to the forefront of concern for many financial institutions and firms. Multiple levels of staff have different communication needs that need to be customized. As many financial firms are in the customer service industry, communications surrounding customers are an obvious priority.

Are email and text messages inefficient for your company? DeskAlerts offers a full-featured, easily implemented solution to address all of these needs.

DeskAlerts Desktop Notifications: Beyond the “Standard” Methods of Communication

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Emails and text messages have limited use in business. Inefficient, they suffer from a variety of problems: lack of priority, inability to easily select groups of recipients, customization, and much more.

Imagine needing to remind administration about new implementations and policies to consider. Then, with your customer service representatives, bringing to their attention upcoming meetings and recently instituted policies. For a financial institution, these are all important items that can arise. How will the staff sort through these types of messages?

In the past – or unfortunately for some, the present – you would be looking at a bevy of emails and text messages. Likely, it would be a mass email with a great deal of information, attachments and more. Aside from the obvious issues with inefficiency, it’s quite draining just to keep track of it all.

With DeskAlerts, you can use multiple levels of messages:

  • Desktop Notifications: This is a central feature of DeskAlerts. Customized messages can be sent out as desktop notifications, with full support for file types, custom group delivery, and more. Ideal for all levels of staff, you can take advantage of powerful features and the delivery system. • Scrolling Ticker: A scrolling ticket allows for easy viewing. Used with desktop notifications, some financial firms and organizations prefer the ticker for information that is not as urgent. The scrolling ticket allows for easy reminders and notifications.
  • SMS: You can use text messages for items of high importance, or for members that are not present.
  • Emails: Emails can be used alongside of other methods as needed.

Upgrading from Messages to Powerful Desktop Notifications

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You can forget about the limitations of text messages and emails. With DeskAlerts, you don’t have to spend time attaching files to emails. Along with the scrolling ticker, SMS and email functionality, you can use the core feature of DeskAlerts – desktop notifications – for any content:

  • Rich Text Files
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Documents (such as .pdf)
  • Flash Presentations

Keep in mind that you can even choose to send an alert through any and all methods – at the same time. Thus, not only can you take advantage of the powerful desktop notifications in DeskAlerts, but you can combine them with any other method that is appropriate for the firm’s needs.

The result is a versatile, powerful system that can be custom-tailored to the needs of your administration, your staff, and the needs of your clients and customers. From scrolling tickers for helpful reminders to desktop alerts for meetings and emails and text messages for added power, DeskAlerts presents a multi-dimensional communication system that can provide as much functionality as needed.

DeskAlerts allows sending Desktop Notifications to Custom Groups

The solution that DeskAlerts offers for communicating with groups is enhanced greatly by its ability to be customized. You can forget about inefficient emails that require time-consuming groups. Not only is the end product much better, as we have seen, its implementation and functionality on the front end is just as powerful.

For financial institutions and firms, one of the greatest assets of DeskAlerts is the ability to form custom groups. With this ability, multiple options can be easily formed:

  • Administration: The full range of desktop notifications and other messages can be used at the top level. Added features, such as the ability to use multiple question surveys, can also come into play. At any rate, administration members can easily come together on important implementations, proposals and meetings at this level.
  • Staff: No longer will important meetings and general notifications be grouped together in emails and other inefficient communications. Staff can receive instant desktop notifications – as well as other message delivery vehicles – for these types of events and information.
  • Other Information: The great thing about DeskAlerts is the proper placement of less urgent messages. Financial institutions often use the ticker for reminders regarding their customers. For instance, if there is a new form that tellers must use, it may be wise to stream that information to the ticker for easy viewing.

DeskAlerts: A Full Solution for Financial Firms

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DeskAlerts offers a powerful solution for financial firms and organizations. The web-based solution is easily implemented into organizational systems, and features a number of powerful functions to greatly enhance the efficiency of messages, reminders and so forth.

Perhaps there is room for improvement with the efficiency of messages in your company. A new way to reach the needs of customers may be needed as well. Internal media, quizzes, surveys and other tools can offer increased usability. DeskAlerts can provide all of these benefits – and much more.


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