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DeskAlerts Notification Software for Insurance Companies

DeskAlerts notification software optimizes communication for insurance companies. Focused emails, desktop alerts and SMS allow rapid exchange of information.

Managing risks and handling crises are major components associated with the insurance industry. Whether the insurance company works with health, automobile, or other types of insurance, effective and rapid communication is essential. DeskAlerts’ notification software uses targeted emails, desktop alerts and SMS to facilitate better communication for insurance companies and their clients. The notification software provided by DeskAlerts increases efficiency in assessing risks, handling claims and crises, and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Notification software improves internal communication within any office. Many insurance companies are composed of main headquarters and smaller satellite branches. Excellent communication is essential whether in a small office or a large firm.

10 Ways Notification Software Improves Internal Communication

  1. Relying on email as a standard means of communication for staff can be problematic. Sorting through emails removes employees from their work and important information can be overlooked or lost. Desktop tickers and SMS allow critical information to be distributed quickly without disrupting work.
  2. When email messages are sent, the notification software provided by DeskAlerts ensures employees receive specific emails. When handling a specific client or claim, having focused emails and not having to sort through erroneous information is helpful to both the employee and the client.
  3. Screensaver messages can be used to communicate fast and important updates of the insurance company.
  4. Video messages can be delivered through desktop alerts to increase visibility and familiarity of CEOs and senior managers with employees and insurance agents working in both headquarter buildings and branch offices.
  5. Educational hyperlinks that direct employees to internet resources can be embedded in scrolling news feeds, desktop alerts, internal newsletters and sequencing screensaver messages.
  6. Surveys and online forums can be used to gather feedback on employee satisfaction, allowing improvements to be made within the office and the company.
  7. Employees have instant access to any changes in developments in company regulations, policies, and standards.
  8. DeskAlerts’ notification software ensures that messages are opened and read to completion. Reporting tools allow administrators to see which messages have been unopened or deleted. The message can then be repeated until it is read.
  9. Quizzes can be used to ensure materials contained within messages was comprehended satisfactorily.
  10. Notification software can be used to inform staff of company events such as meetings, health fares, or any office parties.

When staff is better informed about current claims and client updates, it reflects well on the company and keeps customers satisfied.

insurance communication tool

More Ways DeskAlerts can Help Insurance Companies of all Kinds

  • Desktop tickers, quizzes, and screensavers can educate staff about any new laws and updates in policies of clients and the company.
  • Insurance agents can have up-to-date information even when working outside of the office. Because insurance agents may not have access to a computer, SMS allows instant access to critical knowledge of a client or claim.

DeskAlerts notification software improves communication for clients and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Clients can receive up-to-date information on their policies and claims with SMS and focused emails. Depending on the client and type of insurance, receiving messages via desktop tickers and screensavers may also be an option.
  • Clients can be updated on payments and transactions for services rendered.
  • Clients are able to have appointment and confirmation reminders sent to them to schedule appointments, renew service agreements, promote special events and receive payment.
  • Surveys and online forums can be used to gain customer feedback and make improvements.
  • Insurance companies are aware of the client’s payments and benefits and can inform authorized employees and agents if there are any delinquencies. If clients are violating policies or not paying for services rendered, DeskAlerts’ notification software can alert the insurance company rapidly to sort out any problems.
  • Notification software can quickly distribute information to customers regarding compliance with company regulations, policies and standards.

Notification software improves communication between human resources and employees of the insurance companies.

employee communications daily dispatch

  • Employees have instant access to information and developments regarding benefits such as their own insurance policies, vacation days, sick-leave and retirement packages.
  • Wellness programs can be promoted by keeping employees updated on events such as health fairs. Important health reminders, such as good hygiene and the importance of exercise can be delivered to employees via screensavers and desktop tickers.

If the office of the insurance company has an IT department, DeskAlerts’ notification software can be used to optimize communication and improve technology services.

  • IT departments are busy and may not have time to read every single email. Receiving short messages via desktop alerts and SMS allows them to be aware of immediate information of technology problems when they are away from their desks.
  • Surveys and online forums can be used to help the IT department gain feedback from other employees, insurance agents and clients.
  • The IT department can more effectively communicate to other staff technological developments such as service changes, technology upgrades, internet security policies, compliance education, virus announcements, training opportunities and help/support channels.
  • Online helpdesks allow staff in other departments to find answers to questions about any technology problems they may be experiencing. The IT department will not have to repeat answers concerning the same questions and can spend their time working on more pressing technological concerns.
  • IT staff can use DeskAlert’s notification software to improve customer service with any technological malfunctions.

Due to the hectic nature of the insurance industry, communication needs to be a priority. No matter which type of field the insurance may handle, DeskAlerts’ notification software allows greater ease in the distribution of information. When communication is optimized, client satisfaction is increased.



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