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Desktop Weather Alerts: Employees’ Safety a Top Priority

Weather is a part of everybody's daily lives. It dictates how you are going to welcome each new day. When you wake up in the morning, you look outside the window and check the weather. Is it fine? Is it rainy? Is it cold outside? The weather matters on many small but important decision-making in your everyday life. Will you wear shorts sleeves or long sleeves? Will you wear your stilettos to work or your boots? Will you bring the coat or the hat? Is it good to walk from your house to your office or not?

These little things may seem unimportant but they are a big part of your everyday life. You always have to know what the weather will be like for the day because it sets the mood at work. Everybody is a little happy and bright on sunny days. Most employees feel a little laid-back and cozy on rainy days. But beyond that, it also sets the expectations and worries for the day. Most employees can focus at work when it is a fine day but their minds wander back at home and worry about their families when it is rainy, much more when there is a typhoon or hurricane.

This is why desktop weather alerts are important in every person's work life, and you, as the employer, should recognize this. Your employees care about the weather and it is your office's responsibility to take care of their welfare while they are at work. The company should be responsible in making sure all the employees will not be harmed should there be emergency situations related to weather.

Desktop weather alerts are updates on the weather sent through a desktop notification system. This system allows a central administrator to send blow-by-blow updates on the weather based on the national weather bulletin to guide employees as they go about in the day. Desktop weather alerts are particularly crucial when there are thunderstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis or dust storms set to happen for the week.

Entrusting your desktop weather alerts with DeskAlerts

DeskAlerts provides solutions to companies’ internal communication dilemmas. As much as you want to provide your employees with the latest and most accurate data on the weather, DeskAlerts aims to help you send the message across without the hassles of document trails, phone calls, email piles and the like. DeskAlerts takes notification systems into the next level—electronic and web-based.

Below are the reasons DeskAlerts is the perfect partner in bringing the latest weather updates to your employees:

  1. DeskAlerts uses different platforms to reach as many employees as possible. Its notification system transcends gadgets and Internet connection. It allows you to send weather updates through pop up desktop alerts, desktop screensavers and desktop tickers. With DeskAlerts, you can even attach documents, presentations, images or videos to each alert. Therefore, you can attach files and presentations of the latest weather update to further educate your employees about the current weather. You can also send URL links of the national weather bulletin, which your employees can click through to read more on the website.It isn’t limited to sending desktop weather alerts, though, as you can also send through email infographics, data and other audio-visual presentations educating your employees on emergency preparations and pre-cautionary measures related to bad weather. You can also regularly email them weather bulletins coming from the official weather monitoring website of the government.
  2. DeskAlerts use offline methods to reach out to people. Weather updates change by the minute, and it is important for you and your work force to be in-the-know. DeskAlerts allow the central administrator to send alerts through mobile phones. Even if your employees are away from their computers, even if they are not online or maybe out of the office, they can still receive weather updates through DeskAlerts notification system.
  3. It crosses different operating systems, both PC and mobile-wise. It can be used with a Windows or Mac desktop. It can also be used with Android, Microsoft or iOS. There are just specific requirements necessary for the system but it does not limit its operations in a specific operating system, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of DeskAlerts. System requirements only include memory, processor and hard disk space and client poll frequency.

The weather may be unpredictable everyday but with the help of DeskAlerts, your employees won’t go to work clueless about what they are going to face for the day. Just with a desktop and a mobile phone, weather information comes in right at their fingertips. Be one with the almost 700 clients from around the world, coming from different industries like IT, health care, corporate communications, financial organizations and educational institutions, who have long trusted DeskAlerts for their internal communications.

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