Effective Communication Tips for Business

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 10:50:14 AM

Much has been said about the importance of communicating effectively, especially in business. Effective communication is an integral part of business success. No matter how skilled the people in a certain organization are, their knowledge and skills would come to naught if they do not have the ability to communicate well. This is why companies hold seminars and trainings on effective communication for both managers and staff.

effective internal communication

But let’s face it, whatever is taught and discussed in trainings and seminars do not always stay with the participants. What you, as a business owner, can do is reinforce the communication strategies through digital signage, corporate screensavers and other internal communication channels you have for your company. Here are some effective communication tips you and your staff can follow to facilitate and run a better business:

1. Be professional at all times. This is common sense, yes, but sometimes in the face of deadlines and critical commitments, management and staff alike tend to compromise professionalism and respect; they lash out at each other and pass the buck for mistakes made. Although this behavior is human nature, you could direct energies into more productive outcomes through effective communication. Of course, this will not just happen; you need to create a culture of professionalism by setting an example. Send properly worded emails and speak firmly with proper articulation and competency at all times – even when tempers are flaring.

2. Think TLPR – talk, listen, pause, reply. If you are a manager, it can be very tempting to talk nonstop, especially at meetings when you want to drive your point across. However, effective communication is never one-sided. So bear in mind that you always need the other party’s take on the matter. Whoever you are meeting with - whether they are the management team, your subordinates or your clients – need to be heard, too. Of course it is never enough that you just allow them to speak; you must fully listen to what they have to say, process their ideas and reply appropriately.

3. Be confident. You can be the boss who calls the shots, but if you do not communicate confidently, whatever you say – no matter how big an impact it will create on the business – will most likely fall on deaf ears. When speaking, relax and be yourself; do not try too hard to impress your audience, as they will see through your bluff. Be mindful of your body language, your facial expressions and the tone of your voice – remember that “how you say it” is as important as, if not more important than what you say. 

4. Keep communication lines open. A successful organization is one that practices open communication. Only through effective communication can a company, no matter its size function properly to achieve its goals. An open communication does not just foster good working relationships; it also eliminates silos, allowing members of the organization to collaborate better and reach their aims.

5. Be responsive. Effective communication happens when two or more parties exchange ideas – and act on them. What does this entail? That you continually and proactively ask for feedback – from higher ups, your peers, your subordinates and even your clients and customers. By asking for feedback, you gain deeper insights about your business, how it should be run, and what improvements you can make to develop your processes and your different offerings. The crux of the matter is your ability to respond accordingly and appropriately to feedback at all times.

Put these effective communication tips into practice and achieve more success in business. Always remember that effective communication takes conscious effort and consistent attention. Help your organization remember the effective communication tips we have listed in this article by putting them up where they are most visible – on your desktop screensavers, as pop-up messages, and even on digital signage in located in strategic spots in your office.

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