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Ensure the Safety of Your Staff with DeskAlerts

As an employer you have both legal and moral responsibilities to your employees to provide a safe workplace.

While this obviously applies to ensuring their physical safety and wellbeing is taken care of on a day-to-day basis in the workplace, it also extends to having a duty of care to keep them as safe as possible in the event of an emergency situation.



Being proactive is the best way to approach the issue of potential dangers in the workplace before they become a problem.

DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution that can help to both communicate every day safety issues to your staff while also being utilized as an emergency alert notification system during a crisis.

The system works by pushing notifications to your staff’s PC screens. These notifications appear in the form of a pop-up box that requires a user response. It can’t be ignored or minimized, and appears even if the computer screen is locked, in screensaver mode or sleeping.

When it comes to communicating day-to-day safety issues, DeskAlerts’ features make it a very useful channel as part of your internal communications campaign.

You can send messages to your staff that educate them on various aspects of workplace safety that apply to your specific organization. The DeskAlerts interface allows you to send links to content that lives elsewhere, such as on your company intranet site. You can even send video content in a range of different formats.

If you want to be sure that your employees have understood the messages you’ve delivered promoting safety, you can utilize the DeskAlerts survey module and run a quiz to determine what level of knowledge your staff have, and then use this to deliver and target more safety campaigns.

Other DeskAlerts features suck as a scrolling ticker, corporate screensaver and corporate wallpaper are very useful for communicating ongoing messages about workplace health and safety to help back up your campaign. Communicators know that messages often need to be seen many times before they start to cut through.

When an emergency situation unfolds you will often have little warning. This could be a fire, earthquake, storm, bomb threat, terrorist attack or active shooter. These situations happen quickly and are volatile, and time is critical when it comes to communicating with staff.

DeskAlerts is used by many organizations around the world as an effective emergency alert notification system. You can’t rely on emails being seen when you have an urgent situation to bring to peoples’ attention. Likewise when you have a large organization, phoning every staff member isn’t going to be an option if you need your people to quickly act to ensure their safety.

With DeskAlerts you can reach the screens of every employee in the affected building/s and let them know of the emergency and what steps to take next. For example if it is affecting an office building in one location, you don’t need to alarm staff who work in different geographic areas.

The statistics module in DeskAlerts will allow you to determine who has received the alert and who has not seen it. You can then follow up with the staff who have not indicated they’ve seen it to determine if they are safe.

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