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How Digital Signage Is Changing the Modern Workplace

The typical office has seen changes through the years. Remember when high cubicles were the norm in the 90s and early 2000s? Those are now a thing of the past as Millennials, who now dominate the workforce as far as numbers are concerned, are more eager to share desk space in a central area. This has led to the iteration of the open plan office.

Another noticeable change in today’s workforce is the proliferation of digital signage. A lot of companies are adopting the use of digital signage to communicate with the staff, and increase employee engagement levels. Others also use it to recognize top performers in the organization. Digital signage solutions can also be used to promote a customer-centric culture and encourage feedback from the employees.


The use of digital signage solutions in the workplace can be attributed to several key factors. One is the lowered costs of LED monitors. Even a more advanced technology, OLED TV, is predicted to become more affordable to the average consumer in a couple of years, according to an official of a top TV maker.

Moreover, the need for business communicators to find more engaging, and high impact message tools has led them to use digital signage solutions in lieu of traditional bulletin boards and posters. High impact message tools can boost operational efficiencies aside from engaging both staff and customers.

How are digital signage solutions being used in the workplace? Here are some ways:

1. Communicating important announcements. Instead of using traditional communication tools such as email and corporate newsletter in disseminating information among the employees, business communicators are finding digital signage as a more effective vehicle in communicating important announcements.

News about the company’s financial performance and event reminders are some of the announcements that can be communicated through digital signage. The fact that digital signage is visually appealing can increase the likelihood that employees will become aware of important company news.

2. Soliciting employee feedback. Historically speaking, posters and bulletin boards were a one-way communication channel for management to relay information down to the staff. But digital signage solutions can be harnessed to foster two-way communication in an organization.

In many employers were digital signage are being used, employees are encouraged to share a custom hashtag on their social media accounts. It’s a clever way to engage employees, strengthen the company’s internal brand, and keep a pulse on employee sentiments. Posts, from travel photos on Instagrams to weekend adventures of employees as posted on their Twitter feeds, are then featured on a screen in a cafeteria or other common place.

Others use digital signage to post results of employee polls, from voting on the next corporate training or voting on the next team event.

3. Recognizing performers and employee milestones.

Sometimes, employees don’t need to be given handsome salary increases or promotions. A simple pat on the back for a job well done can do wonders on the morale and motivation of employees. In fact, one study commissioned by management consulting firm McKinsey showed that praise and commendation is the best way to foster top performance.

HR and business communicators know this, so they use digital signage solutions to recognize top performers. It provides a simple, clever, and effective way to recognize top performers. Moreover the whole organization can see who’s performing well in different units or departments.

Employees can also be recognized for other milestones like anniversaries.

Digital signage solutions have proven to be high impact and effective communication tool. It’s a lot better than traditional bulletin boards. It’s no wonder many digital signage can now be found in the modern workplace.

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