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How Real Companies Use DeskAlerts as Their Alert Notification System

An alert notification system has a range of uses in an organization. It can help improve internal communication, it can quickly inform employees about an emerging issue, it can alert staff to an emergency situation and give directions on what to do next, it can be used to quickly survey or poll employees, and it can also deliver training.


Locked Screen Alert


Many organizations around the globe have turned to DeskAlerts as their preferred alert notification system.

DeskAlerts is a powerful internal communication solution that enables you to quickly send messages to your employees’ desktop screens which appear as a pop-up notification that can’t be ignored, skipped or minimized. You can be sure that your people have seen your important communication, as it reports these results in real time.

Features od DeskAlerts include the ability to schedule notifications in advance, the ability to target groups of employees with unique messaging, being able to use the system to deliver video content or hyperlink to content that lives elsewhere, for example on your intranet site.

DeskAlerts can be used as a complement to other internal communications channels deployed by your organization such as email, intranet and corporate social media channels, or as a standalone system.

Some real-life examples of DeskAlerts being used successfully by organizations large and small include:

Hospital du Valais – Switzerland

This hospital was looking for an easy-to-use solution to deliver targeted notifications to all its employees.

It has been using DeskAlerts, making use of the scrolling ticker tape function in the software package, to deliver information to staff about various incidents and maintenance activities to all affected employees rapidly and effectively.

The hospital has gained a dedicated channel to inform staff about incidents and outages in the event of email and phone communication systems going down.

Healthcare Australia – Australia

This medical diagnostics company offers extensive laboratory, pathology and radiology services to the medical community.

The company had been using a different internal communications solution previously which had several limitations.

The organization chose to introduce DeskAlerts as a fast, efficient and reliable way to deliver messages to employees, groups, divisions and laps. Healthcare Australia utilizes the features that send SMS messages and emails, and also use the surveys function to collect information and feedback from staff.

KRKA – Slovenia

KRKA is an international generic pharmaceutical company headquartered in Slovenia, selling products to more than 70 countries globally.

The company was looking for an efficient way to inform employees about system failures, system maintenance, system upgrades and other important events.

DeskAlerts was integrated with the company’s intranet system. The alerts sent have helped to decrease the number of calls made to the technical support department.

Broadcasting Board of Governors – USA

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is a networked global media agency comprised of five of the largest media organizations in the United States.

BBG was looking for a reliable notifications solution it could implement to replace its email system.

The organization uses DeskAlerts to broadcast announcements such as software update alerts, software removal from desktops, building outages and parking notices. The system is now the organization’s primary internal communications tool.

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