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How to Motivate Your Employees

While you may be extremely inspired and motivated to lead your company to success, the same cannot always be said about those who work for you. If you’ve tried time and again to find ways on how to communicate with employees, and consequently inspire and motivate them, you are not alone. Even the most well-intentioned business owner and manager need to come up with creative and effective ways on how to motivate their workforce.

Here are some methods to motivate your employees and boost morale and engagement:

1. Show your staff members that you trust them.

If you want to truly know how to communicate with employees, learn how to trust them and show them that you do. A vote of confidence doesn’t only allow you to develop a stronger relationship with your staff, it boosts their confidence and morale. You will be surprised by how trust can result in people doing more than what is expected of them.

2. Set smaller goals per week.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with being ambitious and driven, setting up smaller goals throughout the week allows people to feel more engaged for a longer period of time. Instead of thinking of the goals you want to reach for the year, think of what you simply want to accomplish this week. After all, while small goals make success seem more reachable and doable, these little things slowly build up to big achievements.

3. Give them a purpose.

When thinking of ways on how to communicate with employees, think of what will make them want to get up in the morning and go to work each day. Motivate your employees by giving them a purpose. Create a purpose that is aligned with the vision and mission of the company; in this way, not only do employees feel that they are working towards something, they are actually working towards the same direction the whole organization is leaning to.

4. Prioritize a work-life balance.

While you may want to get the most out of your employees while they are in the workplace, it is also important to allow them to have time for rest and relaxation, as well as time with the important people in their lives. Remember that a company culture that fosters and prioritizes a work-life balance not only allows for increased productivity and employee engagement, it also boosts the overall happiness of the workforce.

5. Be role model for positivity.

If you’re an enthusiastic worker in the workplace, your staff members will be more motivated as well. Truly knowing how to communicate with employees means allowing your staff to feed off your own positive energy, so that they too can go about their work inspired and motivated.

6. Recognize their efforts.

You can either create occasions or rituals to recognize the efforts and good work of staff members, or you may even begin each executive meeting by recognizing employees who have done well.

7. Allow them to lead.

Motivating employees and boosting their morale is about making them feel like valuable members of the team. Give them moments wherein they can speak and they can be heard. Allow them to have a voice and give them opportunities for leadership. Not only will they feel more empowered to give their ideas, they will be motivated to work better and strive harder.

8. Speak to staff members the way you want to be spoken to.

You’d be surprised by how using “thank you” or “please” affects your interactions and impacts your employees. Respect each and every member of the team, and make them feel valued not only as workers but as human beings.

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