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How to Use DeskAlerts in HR Departments

Human resource departments are increasingly tasked with a range of responsibilities that can be challenging to implement. In some cases HR departments are so stretched delivering core HR functions like recruitment, onboarding of staff, payroll and performance management, they might not have a lot of time to dedicate to some of the newer, more strategic functions.

Finding solutions to enable your HR department to improve engagement, internal communications, ensure policies and procedures are being read, deliver training and having two-way conversations with staff might seem time-consuming… but there is a solution.

DeskAlerts can help your HR department with all of these functions. DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution that delivers messages straight to your employees’ desktops and has the ability to completely revolutionize your HR practices.

Improve internal communication

Many companies rely on emails or their intranet portals to communicate internally with staff.

Unfortunately, email is an increasingly less reliable communication method as inboxes become overloaded, meaning many emails are never even opened in the first place. Your important information goes unread, unacted on.

Your company’s Intranet site relies on staff looking for information in the first place – and being able to navigate it to find what they are looking for.

DeskAlerts cuts through the email clutter by sending messages straight to staff via a pop up window that cannot be ignored or minimized. Messages can be sent to the entire organization, or targeted to specific groups or individual employees. You can also see who has read the information.

Deliver training

Your organization’s education and training needs can be improved with DeskAlerts. You are able to send video and multimedia files direct to staff so you can provide them training and other important presentations.

How you use it is up to you – it can be used to deliver induction information for onboarding new recruits on their first day of work through to providing advice on new procedures to the entire workforce and everything in between.

Direct employees to intranet or corporate social network sites

If you want your employees to read important policies and procedures and other information, you can use DeskAlerts to direct them to the exact place on your Intranet site where the information resides. Again, you can do this creatively – you can direct the entire company to new information guides, or target individual employees who need to brush up on particular policies.

You can also direct staff to your corporate social network sites to encourage them to have discussions and collaborate.

Improve engagement

Research has shown that companies with higher rates of employee engagement also have more productivity, better profits and lower rates of absenteeism and staff turnover. Addressing these issues are a major priority for HR departments.

By improving internal communication, you can have happier, more engaged staff. DeskAlerts can also be used for two-way communication with staff, allowing you to poll them to get their feedback. You can see results – and act on them if appropriate – instantly.

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