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The Importance of a Text Alert System in Today’s Digital Landscape

Technology has opened alternative modes of communication and it has drastically altered the way people conduct their lives. Not only has it affected society and culture, these new advancements have also changed the way businesses operate and target their intended audience. With the emergence of smartphones, one of the most viable target markets that companies should study and understand are the mobile users.

How prevalent is mobile communication nowadays? In 2008, there was a prediction that mobile usage will overtake fixed Internet connectivity by the year 2014. This assessment came from Mary Meeker, a respected resource person from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers.

If it was a forecast then, it is a reality now.

Statistics show that in the United States of America, mobile digita media time has increased by up to 51% compared to only 42% for desktop users. The key takeaway from these numerical dynamics is that if a business doesn't have an effective strategy to harness the mobile segment, they are missing out a lot.

This is when a text alert system can come in handy. With messages that are carefully drafted and researched according to the preferences of the target market, sending out texts through key demographics can help a brand or a business expand their reach and exposure. But there must be a disciplined way to do this; otherwise the text alerts will only appear as spam that belong to the recycle bin.

All at Once, Text Blasts with a Purpose

New technology has made communication easier especially in the work settings. A properly set up text alert system can help a team leader to quickly organize the employees and staff members. It can also be an excellent way to request feedback from your co-workers about important discussions that concern the welfare of the business.

A platform that has been tailor made to suit the needs of a company can make it easier to gather information and responses from its employees during times of crisis and emergencies that go beyond meticulous plans.

And we're still talking about the use of an alert system within the company. Imagine the results if a proper campaign makes its way to all unique mobile users all over the world, with around 3.649 billion. This number can only increase further with the decreasing cost of online connectivity and easier access to inexpensive computer equipment.

To put it into context with facts from, the worldwide penetration of mobile technology passed 50% in August 2014. That's nothing to scoff at.

Careful Consideration for Messages

Even with the increasing number of mobile users globally, life isn't easier for specialists who must craft the messages that must be used in a text alert system. Certain studies have observed that people have short attention spans because of the onset of technology. They know when content is spam and they ignore these messages, erasing them altogether. Users are more intelligent and they know what they want to do when they are using their mobile phones.

They key to a successful text alert system is that is should be aware of its target market. With the help of thorough research, it is possible to draft guidelines and attributes of the target market that you can use in creating your messages.

Another key strategy is to make the system the best it can be and to invite people to use or adopt it when they want to. A company should be able to show the benefits of joining the system instead of shoving it down their throats. More than ever, pressure doesn't work with mobile users. They need something they can really use in their practical lives.

The Advent of Mobile

Whether a brand will use texts to mobilize its own employees, to talk to suppliers and investors quickly or to reach out to their clientele and intended audience, it is a testament to how far the world has reached when it comes to technology. Gone are the days when it is inconvenient to bring large phones; smartphones nowadays are compact and getting more advanced with each version that comes out in the market.

The future is now for mobile and a business should capitalize this by organizing a team that can harness its reach to access segments that are normally hard to reach. In the past, companies needed to wait just to see a message or advertisement to appear in a newspaper or they had to line up with other brands just for a very short television ad. But now, with the help of mobile, it is easier to be in control of the messages a business wants to communicate – to whom to send it and when to send it. Such is the potential of smartphones which has become a convenient gateway for the World Wide Web and mobile usage.

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