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Typical Communication Solutions Used in Today’s Workplace

In order to run today’s organization, effective communication through modern-day technology is required. Not only do particular business communication solutions help us get in touch with managers and co-workers at a much faster rate, they help streamline work processes like never before. New technology has also further enhanced productivity, creativity and employee engagement.

internal communications solution

Here are some of the common communication solutions being used in today’s workplace:


A private hub that can be accessed by authorized users in an organization, an intranet is primarily used for collaboration and communication. The reason why companies opt business communications solutions such as this is that the workforce of today is much more flexible and a lot more technologically savvy.

You might want to opt for an intranet system if you want to enhance collaboration and employee engagement, if you think there is communication breakdown between co-workers and departments, if you want to keep employees up to date regarding company news and announcements, and others.

Internal Blogs

Internal blogs that have interesting and relatable articles, as well as appealing images and videos increase employee engagement and creativity. While typical blogs can be seen by the public, internal blogs are business communication solutions that can only be accessed by employees of the company. Internal blogs are platforms in which employees can share ideas and connect in an informal manner.

Some of the advantages of an internal blog include creating an archive of articles related to work and the company that is searchable, disseminating information regarding particular topics, and promoting collaboration and open discussions amongst co-workers and different departments.

Case Tracking Systems

These are business communication solutions that allow clients and employees to submit a support ticket which contain queries that need to be resolved. A case tracking system not only helps centralize queries, they also help organizations keep track of issues that continue to be open and aid in prioritizing relevant and important issues.

Chat Rooms and Private Messaging

Chat rooms and private messaging applications are collaborative spaces wherein employees and managers can communicate in real-time. These solutions can help keep staff members and teams keep updated on the progress of projects even if they are located in different time zones and geographical locations.

The good thing about these programs is that aside from giving employees the ability to converse, they can also be utilized for file sharing. What must be noted is that different chat rooms and private messaging programs have different interfaces, and companies should opt for the one that suits their needs the most.

Discussion Forums

While others may deem discussion forums as old technology, many businesses still continue to consider it as one of the most valuable solutions in today’s workplace. This tool is particularly useful for companies who don’t have much participation from employees in the day-to-day operations of a business.

Discussion forums allow for an open discussion for any topic (although, topics are usually monitored and moderated). It also helps in disseminating information, creative archival organizational knowledge that anyone can use as reference, as well as boosts employee creativity, morale and engagement.


These are typically features as audio files that are available for downloading or streaming. While many companies already utilize podcasts for external marketing, a company can also use podcasts to reach their own staff members.

Topics can range anywhere from new policies in the company, health and wellness programs being offered, messages from the CEO, and other issues that may be of interest to employees.

Businesses who use these solutions have stated that a lot of their employees actually include listening to company podcasts in their weekly work routine.

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