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Improve Internal Communications at the Human Resources Level with DeskAlerts

Human Resource departments have a difficult time keeping management and employees on the same page. This is usually solved by improving internal communications with DeskAlerts.

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Why Effective Internal Communications are Vital to Human Resources

Look at any business or corporation today and one thing becomes immediately apparent. There are certain tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis, but without effective internal communication, employees cannot complete these tasks accurately and efficiently. Good communication holds companies and organizations together while at the same time enhancing employee morale and reducing attrition.

Where teamwork is used to complete important tasks, the level of effectiveness of that communication becomes even more critical, especially when one of those teams is human resources. There are four reasons why effective internal communications are critical in this particular company segment:

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It connects the employees to business strategies and company values. Effective communication between human resources and employees is critical. Employees feel that they are a company asset, especially where their benefits and wages are the issue.

Poor communication erodes trust and leads to lower productivity.

Communicating with other departments may also be necessary for dealing with important issues that may involve two or more departments within the company. Additionally, upper management may need to communicate with employees through the HR department.

What Makes Effective Internal Communications Hard to Achieve?

It is oftentimes difficult for some corporations to implement or develop effective internal communications levels for several reasons, including:

Different needs and preferences of HR communications – Every employee has specific communication requirements that need to be addressed. Some need to experience it, some need to hear it and some need to read it to comprehend what the message is saying.

Information overload – This is probably the primary reason behind lost productivity and stress in the workplace. E-mail overload must be addressed in order to improve internal communications and ensure that important messages are understood.

Restricted message recall – Even if information overload is not a factor, studies have proven that most employees only remember between 3 and 5 points of any communication. Effective internal communication strategies ensure that the key points of any company communication are fully understood and retained.

Virtual workforces – Corporations today have many satellite locations, all of which must stay in constant communication with corporate headquarters. Employees may be located in different time zones throughout the US or the world. Regardless of where these employees are located, the company’s HR department may need to reach them at a moment’s notice.

Workforces that are multi-generational – The employee demographics of larger corporations have become multi-generational meaning that they are a mix of Baby Boomers along with Generation X and Y individuals. There are obvious generational differences when comparing these groups against one another so internal communications that are effective for one generation most likely won’t be for another.

For example, Baby Boomers tend to prefer face-to-face or printed communications while Generation X and Y employees are more technology oriented. Subject content will vary between these demographic groups as well. Where Baby Boomers prefer communication regarding their retirement benefits, the younger generations are more interested in moving up the corporate ladder and learning about opportunities for career development.

How HR Departments Benefit from Using DeskAlerts

DeskAlerts provides human resource departments with a variety of solutions that can result in better message delivery to all types of employees throughout the company. The HR department benefits from using the DeskAlerts network messaging to improve their internal communications abilities by:

  • easy to administer
  • Not requiring any end-user training
  • Delivering messages to multiple employees and locations
  • Sending desktop alerts, e-mails and SMS text messaging simultaneously
  • Targeting specific audiences for certain messages

Using DeskAlerts enables any HR department to send alerts and messages across active directories and eDirectories, corporate messages, employees that are connected to the internet, LANs or WANs and through firewalls, proxies, or virtual private networks (VPNs). In addition to the above, Alerts and messages can also be sent to Citrix clients, e-mails, mobile devices and terminal servers.

Reasons for Selecting DeskAlerts for Human Resources Communication

HR departments are rethinking their methods of internal communications for the purpose of improving them and developing innovative strategies that are more cost-effective, efficient and help to reduce company losses. Internal communications must be delivered from human resource departments and company workforces in order for employees to be more productive while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.

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Whether a company and its employees are experiencing technical difficulties or when there are urgent messages or news that must be disseminated throughout the company, DeskAlerts is the solution. It is the most effective application for delivering alerts and messages that cannot be ignored, missed, or pushed to the side until later.

Finally, in order to rebuild engagement and trust between management and employees via internal communications generated by the HR department, DeskAlerts network messaging delivers efficient alerts and messages that are measurable and extremely cost-effective.


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