The Importance of an Emergency Communication System

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:24:08 PM

A mass notification system is extremely important especially in times of emergency. The said system does away with the challenge of communicating with employees one at a time when emergency situations already bring about panic and stress. A flawless emergency communication system can mean the difference between life and death.

One way organizations are making sure that employees are kept out of harm’s way is by installing emergency broadcast system alerts.

Mass notification system

The following are reasons why a reliable system should be prioritized in any kind of business or organization:

1. The system covers any type of emergency.

The unfortunate fact is that anything can happen in the workplace. Fires can occur, hurricanes may come, and even acts of terror can unexpectedly happen. The sad truth is we can never really prepare enough for emergencies; however, emergency alert systems allows for the quick proliferation of news, which, in turn, can save people’s lives. Through this system, everyone immediately gets informed about the emergency so they can act accordingly. It is imperative that this system be part of any organization’s disaster plan of action.

2. The system allows for the creation of a centralized command center.

A centralized command center is where you notify all employees simultaneously within a given time frame to bring back order to a chaotic situation. Panic becomes chaos and disorder in a matter of minutes and even seconds. Having a centralized command center allows you to take control of the situation before matters get worse.

3. Simultaneously use different devices to communicate.

The great thing about emergency alert systems is that it simplifies communication without taking a straightforward approach. What this means is that notifying everyone also means notifying them in every technological device possible. Alerts are sent to every contact in the company database through mobile phones, text messaging, email, pager, office phone and home phone. Every possible avenue will be reached in order to ensure that employees get the notification they need to keep safe.

4. Instant notification to first responders.

The quicker the authorities can get to the emergency, the lesser the casualties and chaos. The system not only notifies employees about the emergency, it also automatically informs local authorities about what is going on so they can immediately take action. Evaluation and resolution come at a quicker pace.

So what kind of messages are sent to employees during times of emergencies?

1. Multiple alerts on different platforms, all at once, notifying staff members of the emergency and instructions on what to do.

2. Pop-up windows on the desktop of employees. These messages are hard not to notice even when an employees is busy doing work. Font style, color and size can be adjusted in order to emphasize urgency and importance.

3. SMS and email. These are especially important for staff members who are out on the field and not on their desk. They will be sent reminders, safety instructions and other emergency notifications.

4. Urgent alerts. These go on top of any other alert on queue, and will appear on an employee’s desktop even if it is locked or inactive with a screensaver on screen.

5. Repetitive messages. Urgent messages can appear several times on screen to emphasize their urgency.

6. The system tells the supervisor, manager or executive that the staff members have received and read the messages sent.

7. Alerts and notifications don’t only comes in text form. Some messages can also contain images, audio files and videos.

8. Notifications, alerts and messages can also be sent out automatically on a scheduled time and date.

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