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The Changing Times and Trends for Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification system has been known since time immemorial. Although it masks itself as the gong that beats loudly during tribal attacks or the sounds of smoke alarms, mass notification has been there long before. With the fast-changing environment that we lived in now, mass notification system is needed more and ever.

 mass notification

Given the changing times and challenges, the system has also evolved to match the needs of the public. Although the needs may vary with the audience or users in mind, be it terrorist attacks or bombings, nuclear catastrophe, natural disasters, fires or random school shoot outs, the need for clear direction on what to do in these circumstances is what makes mass notification system very vital.

From disasters in the workplace or simple health condition meltdown of individuals, organizations be it public or private must be able to adapt. The intertwined relationships of telecommunication, information technology and other emerging technologies have shaped the landscape of the notification system.

1. Texts and email blasts

As the surge of mobile phone access peaks its critical point due to the wide availability of the technology, many facilities are building and improving their software programs to provide information to their internal publics. These avenues are easy and cost-efficient and can reach thousands or millions of people in a few minutes. Due to its cost, this is the first course of action that Mass Notification system implores.

2. Free downloadable apps

Again, as mobile gadgets become slimmer and thinner, and as people clamor to have one or more in their pockets or bags, this serves as another channel for the notification system to reach broad-based audience. The access to such types of apps can also be free, making it an easier choice that organizations chooses to engage their target audience.

3. Desktops and dashboards alerts

They primarily cater to people in organizations. As the control system that mans the entire building has a hold on the IT server of the company, flashing or sending of mass notification system is a lot easier.

4. Digital billboards or signage

With its interactive interface that could be found in public places or even along the highway, this is another way to reach people in seconds. Because of its visual appeal, it can instantly direct large number of individuals take on a course of action. It can be a direction leading them to a new re-route, nearest exit signs or the location of fire extinguishers in case of fire. This can serve a variety of function and can be easily grasp by the naked eye.

5. Emergency-response/management software

For a more sophisticated mass notification software such as Crestron Fusion and RoomView express, users can be reached through all the channels stipulated above. The control lies in the central monitoring interface that is located at the monitoring agency or department. The protocols for these software are designed elaborately by security and emergency professionals who plans the messages in advanced in anticipation for future incidents that contains concrete and specific instructions for affected groups or individuals.

These platforms allow emergency messages reach all devices instantaneously. All connected devices to any of this software are secured to receive display information, definitive actions they need to take as well as complex sound system to capture immediate attention.

6. Lighting control system

Mass notification system can also be weaved with lights. Depending on the configuration, lights can be used to assist in emergency situations. The immediate impact of lighting control system to notify would be to make people aware of the incident. Strobe lights, dimming of lights and even turning of all the lights can provide assistance whenever disaster or emergency situations are met.

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