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Modern Corporate Communication Solutions Your Business Should Use Today

Gone are the days when email was the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with the rest of a team or an organization. Thanks to technology, CEOs, managers, and supervisors have more ways now to connect with their employees.

There are now many corporate communication solutions that business owners like you can harness in your workplace. By using these modern corporate communication tools, you can easily convey important messages to the rest of your team.

Additionally, consistent communication with the staff can help raise employee engagement. More engaged workers are in a better position to contribute to the achievement of the company’s bottom line.

1. Enterprise social networking services

Enterprise social networking services are like Twitter and Facebook. They can let your workers message each other, form groups for private team communications, and update status of projects. In fact, your workers can also use hash tags to for easier searching of topics.

The main difference is that unlike Twitter and Facebook, it’s designed for the corporate world. Only people with your company email addresses, for example, can sign into the network. But you can also create external networks to enable non-employees like suppliers and customers to communicate with your team.

Many of these enterprise social networking services are of the freemium type; meaning that signing up and accessing basic functions are free.

2. Web Conferencing service

Web conferencing services are among the most widely used corporate communication solutions today. They’re ideal for companies which have workers in remote locations. Like enterprise social networking programs, there are lots of web conferencing services that you can download for free. There are no signups or downloads required, and videoconferencing is available for up to three people or more.

However, if you need to involve more people in a video conference then you will have to pay for upgraded services. Functions may vary, such as screen sharing and audio over phone for multiple users. Users can even access the service on the go as many of these services have mobile apps that can be used on smartphones.

3. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP phones allow companies to make calls over the Internet. There’s no longer a need for traditional telephone lines with VoIP, making it a convenient and practical communication tool for businesses anywhere.

VoIP allows workers to work remotely in the comfort of their own homes. While you may not like the idea of your workers not being in the office, you should realize that many companies in the US have been allowing their employees to telecommute. The latest numbers point out that 37 percent of employees in the United States have telecommuted in the past year, and the number is expected to further rise.

With VoIP, employees can work in the comfort of their own places and still be as productive as their office-based counterparts. On the part of the company itself, a VoIP can help them save more. With VoIP, an office-based boss can contact a worker stationed in another country without having to pay exorbitant fees. VoIP is also very popular with executives who travel a lot due to the affordability and efficiency of this system.

4. Desktop Alerts

Desktop alert systems have slowly replaced the email as a communication tool of choice in the office. Important announcements, event reminders, and emergency alerts can be relayed through a desktop alert system. It is non-intrusive, which is important for office-based workers who are so busy with their work.

These modern corporate communication solutions are changing the way people in the workplace communicate with each other. It would be practical on your part to adapt the use of these corporate communication solutions in your business.

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