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Optimize Network Messaging at the Corporate Level

DeskAlerts Software is critical at the corporate level. Benefit with our completely customized Alert system which provides real-time desktop notifications.

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Where corporate operations are concerned, effective internal communication is oftentimes referred to as “the glue that holds the organization together.” It is one of the most vital tools at a company’s disposal, and is necessary to the success of any corporation, large or small. Effective internal communication through network messaging enhances employee morale, promotes transparency and reduces attrition. Although many individuals in upper management positions are aware of this, few of them know how to manage it.

DeskAlerts: Network Messaging Improves the Effectiveness of Daily Operations

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Ineffective communications can negatively influence the bottom line. Corporations have taken measures to make internal communication more effective in two key areas that have resulted in an average 29% higher return for shareholders and a 16% increase in company market value. Most corporate heads stated that network messaging increased their operational effectiveness while improving efficiency and productivity.

Increase the Acceptance and Understanding of Critical Messages with DeskAlerts

Critical messages and key business strategies can be communicated much more efficiently while being better accepted and understood by using DeskAlerts network messaging with the following features:

  • Creating alerts on desktops or designing them as screensavers
  • Employing company surveys that are posted on computer monitor screens
  • employee communication tools survey
  • Using video messages in the same manner as alerts

One of the biggest benefits of DeskAlerts network messaging is that companies can maximize their existing communication and information resources while reducing the overload of company e-mails.

Remember that the premise of effective internal communication through network messaging is to keep employees informed in a timely manner while increasing productivity. It is also an ideal way to keep daily operations running smoothly. DeskAlerts network messaging makes it simpler for everyone to stay informed by having 100% guaranteed message delivery, centralizing storage for reporting and tracking, and having a user-friendly interface.

DeskAlerts: The Benefits of Being Informed While Enhancing Efficiency

DeskAlerts network messaging alerts enable everyone employed by the corporation to be on the same page especially where the following is concerned:

  • Business issues
  • Company news and policy updates
  • Current sales specials
  • New product releases
  • Upcoming events

It enables a company to enhance efficiency and avoid problems by utilizing:

  • Effective appointment reminders
  • Meeting notifications
  • Scheduled service announcements

One of the most overlooked benefits of using DeskAlerts network messaging for improving the effectiveness of internal communication is the fact that it saves money while being eco-friendly. Network messaging can keep everyone in the company informed about energy-saving measures such as lights-out reminders that should be practiced while working in order to save the corporation money on their monthly utility bills.

DeskAlerts: Qualities That Effective Internal Communication Relies On

DeskAlerts network messaging is executed properly because of the different communication channels and employee demographics that must be addressed. Regardless of those channels and the targeted audience, there are certain qualities that have to be in place for internal communication to be more effective.

-Energy and UrgencyEffective internal communication must be energy and urgency-driven to be taken seriously. This is important because employee attitudes are extremely contagious. If management appears excited about new opportunities, that excitement is likely to spread through the employees. Conversely, if the presentation is boring or dull, the employees probably will not be as involved.

-Network Messaging FrequencyMessage frequency creates a working balance, whereas infrequency results in confusion and frustration. Additionally, over-communicating is irritating and causes employees to be apathetic. Frequent contact, not overwhelming contact, is equally important.

-ProfessionalismDeskAlerts network messaging ensures that all communications are professional in nature, which will have a positive impact in the end. First, it will eliminate harassment issues. Secondly, it protects the company in the future from accusations of unprofessionalism because if all correspondence is professional and is documented it will eliminate problems of an embarrassing or troublesome nature.

-StructureInternal communication that is well structured is effective communication. Messages must not only be organized; they must be easy to understand. A well-structured message improves employee levels of understanding while at the same time being more convincing and persuasive.

-TransparencyDeskAlerts network messaging creates communication transparency, which means that it is honest, informative, and straightforward at all times. Message recipients are more trusting as a result. A lack of transparency can create major crises as well as dramatic decreases in shareholder investments.

Why Use DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software

There are numerous reasons for using DeskAlerts network messaging to improve the effectiveness of internal communication. Most importantly, this is a completely web-based communication solution that features centralized storage of all company data. The application is easy to install and offers internal hosting at the company level, not on an overcrowded community server. Finally, DeskAlerts network messaging delivers prominent alerts and is a completely unobtrusive messaging application.

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