Reasons Why Companies Need Desktop Ticker Alerts

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:32:49 PM

A strategy of communication is important to any organization – no matter the size or industry. When communication is effective, it enables managers and staff members to understand one another and align their own objectives and purposes towards the vision and mission of the organization. When internal communication is done properly, the company experiences an increase in productivity, employee morale and engagement. And in order to come up with a plan that is truly effective, organizations must turn to the utilization of various platforms and tools.

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How People Communicate at Work 

How do people in your organization communicate? There are different platforms that people can opt for to communicate in the workplace, such as newsletters, bulletin boards, email, instant messenger chat sessions, meetings, email, SMS and others. However, while others continue to be effective, not all are as effective now as they were in the past when it comes to distributing information to staff.

While companies still opt for email as a strategy of communication, it is not as effective as it was because of email overload. Some employees tend to disregard some messages while others simply don’t even bother reading them due to overload. The same can also be mentioned about chat rooms, wherein messages can be disregarded or ignored because a worker is simply too busy working on other things. Newsletters are still deemed as valuable and important, but it can’t be utilized to disseminate urgent notifications. Most businesses are also going paperless now and hardly use bulletin boards. Both managers and staff members also tend to feel that meetings take too much time and prevent them from focusing on work that they need to finish. And while phone calls are still effective, you simply can’t call 300 employees all at once to disseminate information.

Fortunately, there are other channels you can look into and integrate into your strategy of communication, such as desktop ticker alerts.

Desktop Ticker Alerts

The great thing about desktop ticker alerts is that you can opt for it if you want to notify employees without disrupting their work. Desktop ticker alerts notifies all staff members all at once regarding urgent messages and important news and updates without interrupting their current task. This is especially important if the news you want to deliver is urgent or time-sensitive.

Much like an RSS feed, desktop ticker alerts are simple, easy to use and flexible. They are ideally used for notifications such as:

  1. Urgent news
  2. Policy updates
  3. General information
  4. Meeting and deadline reminders
  5. Anything you need to tell your staff

Used as a strategy of communication, desktop alert tickers contain links that readers can click and bring readers to other websites which contain more information that are also deemed vital.

Desktop Ticker Alert Benefits 

If you are still not convinced of why desktop ticker alerts are useful, here are some of the benefits you gain if you opt for this technology:

1. Immediate and easy deployment of notifications

You can simply input messages, customize based on delivery times and recipients, add links and broadcast.

2. Customizable and persistent

Customize the alerts and create persistent scrolling alerts if you want to make sure that your notifications are seen and read.

3. Real-time reporting and feedback

This allows you to monitor the number of clicks for each notification and determine the response rates for your messages.

If you want to improve your strategy of communication and incorporate desktop ticker alerts into your work processes, contact DeskAlerts today.

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