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Sync Between DeskAlerts and Active Directory

active directory synchronization


In a large company, constant employee turnover can make it difficult to keep multiple employee directories, databases, and user permissions up to date. Beyond just affecting the reliability of user information, this can result in security and compliance issues.

Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync) performs synchronization of identity data (users, groups, and supporting data for roles) between Active Directory Server and DeskAlerts Data Base.


Key Benefits:

Saves Time, Reduces Errors

Automated provisioning eliminates need for redundant manual data entry

Enhances Security

Eliminates unregulated access to network resources, by documenting and enforcing user and group access

Deploys Easily and Cheaply

No coding needed, no hidden costs (required only Active Directory Sync module). Our technical staff is ready to assist with sync

Enhances User Experience

Synchronizes users’ passwords, eliminating need for user to change their password in multiple locations

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