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The Benefits and Uses of Mobile Alert Apps in the Workplace

With the proliferation of mobile devices, more and more organizations are now using mobile alert apps to communicate with employees. The advantage of these communication tools is that because people almost always have their phones on them, they are more likely to receive and read the messages sent to them as soon as they are sent.

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The Benefits

1. Easy navigation

Workplaces that are large and have multiple floors could definitely benefit from mobile alert apps. These help employees navigate through premises much more easily through maps that are constantly updated in real-time. Should hazards or threats occur in particular areas of the building, employees can take photos, issue reports and send out alerts immediately those who need to be informed about these situations.

2. Adaptability

The fortunate thing about mobile alert apps is that they can be accessed on any kind of mobile device. These apps optimize to the size of your screen and to the operating system that you are using.

3. Improves employee engagement and opens lines of communication

Due to the fact that these apps are able to efficiently and quickly send and deliver messages, they are able to improve communication and boost engagement. Those who need information are able to access it in the quickest way possible. Quick communication then results in increased productivity and creativity, and allows employees to want to collaborate more with their colleagues as well as their leaders and managers.

4. Customizable experience

These apps can be customized according to what a staff member requires. Employees can choose information that is important for themselves based on their role, department and geographic location. After all, not all content will be relevant to all employees.

5. Instantaneous delivery

Mobile alert apps allow for the instantaneous delivery of messages. A critical and important feature of these apps is that they are capable of delivering push notifications so that employees receive messages that are deemed to be the most urgent and important. This assures management that staff members are always kept up to date when it comes to company and industry news, policy changes, and other important and relevant information.

The Uses

1. Share links to important information online

When sending information over mobile alert apps, you can also opt to attach links to important content online. This will allow you to send brief messages over the apps, and further elaborate on the said message through the links that you send. Employees can then check and go back to these links when they need to refer to it.

2. Send photos

Aside from text, photos are some of the most powerful tools you can utilize to communicate your feelings and ideas. Not only can they communicate thoughts, they can also emphasize the message that you have already sent through words.

3. Poll opinions and send surveys

Through these apps, you can collect information regarding how staff members feel and think about particular goings-on in the company. You can post a particular question through the apps and let your staff members vote and give their thoughts on it. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for you to collect and gather information.

4. Create groups

You can create a group for your team, for your department, and even for those who you work most closely with. You can use these apps to communicate with your group, share information and important updates with them, and ask them for feedback regarding work processes in the office. This then results in easier and quicker collaboration and an increase in employee engagement.

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