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Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication strategies are vital to the success of any organization. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, skilled and capable people are in a company, if they lack the skills to communicate well with each other and with clients, the said organization will never be able to take off. This is actually why a lot of businesses opt to enrol their staff members and management to communication workshops and seminars – effective and proper communication is simply a must in the workplace.

workplace communication best practices

However, while training seminars certainly help employees and management communicate better, what is learned is not retained if it is not put into practice. In order to further the communication strategies that were learned during these seminars, it is imperative that these tips be really put into practice in the organization:

1. Always be professional

When we are faced with stress at work, nearing deadlines and difficult clients, we can sometimes throw professionalism and respect out the window. We lash out at others and blame colleagues for mistakes that were made. But while stress is certainly part of the human experience, you can direct your energy to more positive communication strategies instead of negative ones. Even when you want to simply rant, curse and make sure the other party knows how mad you are, make sure to send messages that are still professional. Relay information in a firm, dignified and articulate way even if you are fuming mad.

2. Talk, listen, pause and reply

When you are the leader of the team, it is tempting to take over a meeting and simply go on talking. However, employing effective communication strategies is about having two-way, open conversations with your staff members. It is never one-sided. Talk, but allow others to speak their minds as well. Fully listen and take into account their input and insight. Process what they have to say and reply accordingly.

3. Exude confidence

Even if you are the boss, you won’t get the respect you want if you don’t speak with confidence. No matter how great your idea may be, or how relevant the message is to your employees, your words will fall on deaf ears if you are not confident. Speak up, relax and be yourself. Don’t try too hard. Be genuine, and be aware that in as much as what you say matters, so does how you say it and deliver it.

4. Keep lines of communication open

A successful company observes open lines of communication. Not only does this foster better relationship amongst management and employees, it allows for easier collaboration and engagement.

5. Respond and reciprocate

Communication can only be deemed effective if it occurs when two or more parties act on ideas that have been exchanged. This will only occur if each party is open to feedback. Feedback not only gives you insight into the business, it also helps you understand what you need to do in order to improve how things are being done. It is all about having the ability to talk, listen and then act according to what is appropriate and right for the company.

In order to truly achieve success, put these communication strategies into practice consistently. You can utilize different platforms such as a digital signage, a company internal newsletter, a corporate desktop wallpaper, the intranet, regular meetings, training seminars and workshops, and others. Opting to create a workplace that has open lines of communication is not a one-time project; rather, it should be practiced all the time. Consistency is key to truly integrating these practices into the workplace.

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