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Internal communications

Communication Tools in the Workplace

An organization can only be truly successful if staff members know how to communicate effectively with each other. Not only does effective communication equal productivity, it also helps boost employee morale, camaraderie and engagement.

In the past, companies turned to tools such as newsletters, annual reports, and brochures to communicate with employees. While these tools are certainly still effective platforms to communicate, advancements in technology have furthered communication in the workplace and made interactions a lot more sophisticated and efficient.

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Here are some of the more common communication tools being employed and integrated into the internal communications plan of organizations:

1. Email

The advantages of integrating email into your internal communications strategy are plenty. Not only is email communication quick, immediate and efficient, it makes communication between parties from different departments or even parts of the world easy. Also, unlike letters sent through post, email saves on the cost of paper, printing and postage.

Email can be used by business for an infinite number of purposes – to generate feedback from employee surveys, to informing employees about the financial situation of the company, or to even simply send a birthday greeting to a colleague.

2. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging allows staff members to communicate with each other and with their managers in real time. This technology is a chat room wherein two or more can chat, share information and send links and files.

3. Intranet

More and more companies are integrating intranet into their internal communications strategy.

Intranet is a company’s private network that can only be accessed by those who work for the organization. After HR provides details and information on how to access the network, employees can share important information and files over the network which can then be viewed by other staff members.

Aside from having the advantage of customization, intranet can also run messaging service programs, event reminders and other communication tools.

4. Work Management Software

This advanced communication tool gives staff members an online hub that enables them to track assignments and projects, be informed of schedules and budgets, share documents and collaborate. This portal can be accessed as long as they have the necessary login information and an internet connection.

The great thing about this platform is that is streamlines the work process by allowing employees from the same department or team to communicate and collaborate in one space – no matter where they are. This collaborative space is especially useful when companies have offices in different locations or employees are working on the field.

5. Internal Newsletters

A company’s internal newsletter continues to be an effective internal communication tool in today’s workplace. However, while some organizations continue to hand out print newsletters, others opt for the more cost-effective digital counterpart which they disseminate through email.

Whatever form a company opts for, there’s no denying that newsletters are still effective communication tools in the workplace. Not only can companies update employees on the goings-on in the company, newsletters also have a way of boosting camaraderie and foster transparency and trust.

6. Brochures

Usually used as a tool to communicate with clients and customers, brochures can also be utilized in the workplace to educate and remind employees about company policies and upcoming events. In today’s workplace, brochures can also take on a digital for like newsletters.

Brochures have two purposes – to grab the reader’s attention and urge him or her to take action.

7. Annual Reports

Annual reports are official documents which feature details about the financial performance of the company and its major activities. They are meant to inform shareholders and interested parties about the organizations’ operations.

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