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When to Use Surveys, Polls and Quizzes to Engage Your Staff

When you are communicating effectively with your staff, you tell them the important information that the organization wants them to know. This is important to ensure that corporate objectives are known and understood, so everyone can work towards a common set of goals.


Within an organization, however, good communication should be a two-way street. It is equally as important for staff to be able to provide information to management.

Gathering feedback and ideas from your employees is an invaluable resource to help in understanding workplace dynamics, determining levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, determining if there are any training requirements, as well as discovering if your company’s objectives are being clearly communicated by managers.

A quick and easy way to get feedback from your staff is by using DeskAlerts

DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution that allows you to communicate with your entire workforce at the click of a button. The system sends pop-up notifications to the computer screens of all your employees, no matter what other software they are using at the time.

The messages appear in a way that gets their attention and cannot be skipped or ignored. It’s a much more efficient way of communicating with everyone compared with email, which can get lost, ignored or go unopened.

DeskAlerts has a module built in to it that allows you to conduct surveys, polls and quizzes to quickly gather information from your employees. You can even have real-time reporting as your employees respond.

Each of these features has different benefits and can be used in different scenarios. By understanding the difference between each type, you can be more effective when gauging your employees’ opinions.


A survey is usually more involved than the other two and allows you to generate more complex feedback from your employees… not just basic data.

With a survey you are able to ask multiple questions. Surveys can be time consuming for employees to complete.

When you survey staff you generally ask them to provide details on their reasoning, expectations and experience. You can also ask them to provide feedback, provide complaints and also provide praise.

Surveys are a good way to determine employee engagement and satisfaction so you can determine where your company needs to improve.

[Employee Survey: How to Generate Feedback From Employees]


A poll allows you to ask multiple choice questions where participants select an answer from choices that you predefine.

Polls are a good way to quickly canvas opinions, and you can see the answers represented as a graph or a chart. You can poll staff to ask them things like what product name they prefer, what day they’d like to hold a meeting or how they’d like to receive training and education.

[Top Questions That Should be on Every Employee Poll]


A quiz allows you to test your employees’ knowledge in a brief but informal way. You can send them multiple choice questions to determine how much they know about a particular subject.

Quizes are a great way to reinforce any education or communication campaigns that you are running. Similarly they can be used to identify gaps in training so your organization can address it.

[Internal Staff Survey Tool]

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