9 Most Useful IT Outage Message Templates

Caroline Duncan - Mar 19, 2021 8:28:00 PM


In the modern business environment, your employees rely on a range of IT systems in being able to do their jobs. This includes software and hardware, phone systems and internet access.

As we all know, technology isn’t without its problems. Sometimes systems go down. There can be bugs with software that cause issues. And malicious interference with viruses, malware and phishing attempts can cause havoc for any company.

When there is a known issue affecting numerous people, the IT help desk might find itself getting swamped and overwhelmed as multiple callers report the same problem. This can be particularly time consuming in an organization where there is a large number of employees.

The help desk may send emails and/or put information up on the company intranet site, but this is often not enough to stem the flow of phone calls. Emails aren’t always read and can be missed when employees are getting dozens and dozens each day, or don’t check their inboxes regularly.

By using DeskAlerts to communicate with employees, many companies’ help desks have been able to take the burden off their staff during a known outage or incident. This frees them up to do other things, like solving the problem people are calling up about!

DeskAlerts is an internal communications software solution that works by sending pop-up notifications to computer screens or push notifications to cell phones and tablets. It is deliberately designed to be intrusive so the messages can’t be ignored.

The messages will appear no matter what other software the employees’ are using at the time and can’t be skipped. Messages can even appear on locked screens.

Sending messages to employees when there is a known issue and then updating them throughout the process can help them to remain productive and plan to do other work during the estimated outage time.

You can communicate even faster when you have pre-written templates all ready to go within the DeskAlerts system. All you have to do is update with the relevant details of the current situation and hit send – and everyone can be informed within minutes.


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – we’ve made it easy for you to send IT outage messages to your employees with our pre-written IT outage notification templates.




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