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Create a Culture of Security with DeskAlerts Mass Notification

Security is absolutely critical in the modern workplace. In order to protect your business it needs to be the backbone of everything that you do.

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Data breaches are no small thing. They can land you in quite a lot of hot water. From bad publicity and reputational damage, to legal problems through to financial ruin, not taking your security seriously is a recipe for disaster.

There are numerous ways your security can be breached, and most of the time when it happens it isn’t because a hacker has managed to crack your systems (although this can happen) – rather, it’s because of employees.

According to government and industry experts, it is estimated around 90 per cent of cyber attacks happen because access credentials have been unwittingly given to hackers, most often through phishing.

Other ways your security can be breached is via viruses, malware, ransomware, lost or stolen devices and not keeping your physical location appropriately secured.

Creating a culture of security in your organization can help to minimize these risks. By promoting the importance of and raising awareness of security, you can ensure that it is front-of-mind for your employee as they continuously consider how to apply it to their work.

It’s never too late to start. And if you already have some systems in place, it’s always worth reviewing them and seeing if they can be improved upon.

Here are some ways you can do so:

1.Make security a business value

When you align security with your business values, goals and objectives you can model the desired behaviour from the top down.

2. Reinforce the concept that everyone is responsible for security

Security doesn’t just belong to the security department or the IT department – every single employee has an important role to play as a security officer and guardian of your company.

3. Train staff and give them tools for success

Communicating the importance of security and providing ongoing training to your staff around security protocols will help to ensure their vigilance.

4. Reward and recognize staff who follow security measures

Make an example of those employees who are diligent and even go above and beyond to ensure security is upheld in their workflow. This can incentivize other staff to also do the right thing.

5. Look for ways to improve

Don’t set and forget your security standards: make sure you are always striving to have the most secure environment possible.

6. Make security engaging and fun

Long, boring and technical sermons from management about security are likely to be skimmed over at best and at worst, completely ignored. Find ways to make it fun for your employees to learn about security. Maybe try something like trivia or a contest.

Every single one of these suggestions can be implemented using a mass notification system like DeskAlerts. You can use it to send the information directly to your employees in a way that they cannot ignore. For example you can send daily tips and other messages you’d like to reinforce about security – right through to warning them if there is a security breach.

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