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Deliver Critical Information to Your Employees – No Matter What

Internal communication is integral to a company’s success. Without it, organizations are unable to function properly. Organizations that communicate poorly often perform poorly.



A study by Tower Watson found the companies that had the most highly effective communication practices experienced a whopping 47 per cent higher total returns to their shareholders compared to those companies that were least effective at communicating.

Good communication improves productivity, helps to boost morale and can help you to attract and retain the top talent in your industry.

Delivering internal communication isn’t always an easy task. These days there are many barriers that can impede your organization’s ability to communicate effectively with employees. However there is one tool that stands out above all others to help you deliver information to your people, no matter what.

That tool is DeskAlerts.

DeskAlerts is a powerful internal communications software solution that is functional, flexible and versatile. With DeskAlerts you can send messages straight to your employees’ computer screens, making for a highly effective dedicated corporate communications channel.

Packed with features, DeskAlerts will allow you to tailor internal communication solutionsunique to your company and how you operate.

Common barriers to effective communications within organizations include:

  • Geographic barriers - when you need to communicate with employees who may be located in different places, sometimes different cities or states, sometimes in different countries, with different time zones in play.
  • Language barriers – when your workforce don't all speak the same language because you operate in different countries.
  • Cultural barriers – when business practices vary from culture to culture.
  • Distractions – when you don't have your employees’ full attention because they are being distracted by other things.
  • Technological issues – when hardware and software have limitations or experience issues such as faults and failures that impede your ability to communicate or perhaps you don’t have the right medium for communicating effectively at all.

DeskAlerts can help you to over come each and every one of these barriers.

You can communicate instantly with your employees no matter where they are located in the world. You can overcome time zone issues by scheduling messages in advance to appear to employees in specific geographic locations at a suitable time during business hours in their location.

This targeted approach can also enable you to send messages in different languages to employees based in different countries.

DeskAlerts is also a great way to overcome distractions that prevent effective communication. The system is in itself a disruptor that makes your employees stop what they are doing to read what you have to say.

The sheer volume of emails that employees often receive every day make that method of delivery problematic as messages can get lost or ignored. With DeskAlerts you can be sure that your information has been sent, received and read.

And when the email goes down because of a software or network issue, you can still use DeskAlerts to communicate instantly and easily with your employees as it is a standalone software system that doesn’t rely on email.

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