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Effective Notification System for Internal Communications

Internal communications is a crucial function for any organization and one you can’t afford to be complacent about.


It’s important to have strategies and systems in place that focus on keeping your people well informed – not only so they have important information they need to do their jobs and represent your company – but so they also feel engaged and valued.

Companies with good internal communications practices also have better productivity rates, attract top talent and have lower levels of costly staff turnover.

How long has it been since you evaluated and overhauled your internal communications systems? Are you taking advantage of the latest technological advances and trends in the internal communications space? Or are you still sending out emails and putting up information on your company intranet site, hoping someone will see it?

In the modern day workplace, employees are looking for information that is personal, comes to them in real-time and is engaging.

A great way to deliver this is via a notification system, such as DeskAlerts. This is a software solution that delivers messages straight to your employees’ desktops at the touch of a button.

No matter what they are doing, no matter what software they are using, the messages will appear on their screen in front of everything else. This means you can be sure that important information is not missed.

The benefits include:

1. It’s a more reliable option than email

If you have important information to communicate, when you send it via email there is a good chance it will never be seen.

How many emails do you receive every day? The average office worker receives 121 every day – more than they ever get time to deal with. It’s no surprise, then, that the average open rate for emails sent in North America alone is just 34.1 per cent.

2. Direct people to further information

Nobody wants a pop-up alert on their desktop that’s like an essay. If you have lengthy, complex information you need to convey to your staff, it can still live on your intranet site.

Simply write an engaging summary of what they need to know and send them through to where the expanded information can be found.

3. Send video

Video content is king right now. People prefer to look and listen to someone talking to them or to be shown things in a visual way. With DeskAlerts you can send videos directly to your employees’ screens.

4. Get feedback quickly

DeskAlerts gives you the ability to quickly poll, survey or quiz your employees in real time. This means if you need to get their opinion on something you don’t have to wait for dozens – or hundreds – of emails to come back to you.

5. See who has read your messages

DeskAlerts will let you quickly and easily see the metrics of who has and who has not seen your notifications. This will enable you to follow up with those who haven’t seen the information.

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