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Desk Alerts: Towards Developing Communications Strategy

Outsourcing work force is common nowadays. You have a company set up in the most interesting manner. You don’t have a building for your office, just a small area enough to house a few employees. However, you have more employees outside of that office, and they’re scattered in different parts of the world. They work on normal shifts, with eight hours a day, in front of their own computer, tasked to increase sales by effectively marketing and selling your products to people both offline and online. Employing salespeople from the outside is a huge risk but it certainly saves effort and money, especially if you have mastered developing communications strategy between you and your outsourced people.

What can go wrong if you fail in developing communications strategy?

Imagine not having an open communication and close coordination with you and your outsourced team. What if you can’t talk to them and send them orders? What do you think will happen to your sales? Here are a few of the worst case scenarios should you happen to have an inefficient mode of communication with your people from other sides of the globe:

  1. Poor marketing. It is their job to promote your products and convert leads into sales. Before they are able to do that, they have to know your products by heart. Product information is essential and without sending them the right product information, product marketing and sales talks will suffer.
  2. Inconsistent Pricing. Products’ pricing changes from time to time, depending on how it goes in the market. It goes with the flow of competition and it can increase or decrease in just a minute. Without open communication, you won’t be able to inform your sales team about the current value of the products. This will reflect on your company’s revenues and will cost you big bucks.
  3. Complacency on Performance. If you are not focused on developing communications strategy, you can’t monitor your outsourced team while they are doing their job. You wouldn’t know if they are working within schedule and if they are reaching the day’s quota. If they don’t reach their quota, the sales will surely suffer.
  4. Goals will Fall Apart. Effective communication involves being on the same page, achieving the same goal. Working together is vital in a company and being able to put together different people from different parts of the world is a challenge in itself to work as one. It just takes close coordination for you and your team to reach your goals.

Why DeskAlerts?

DeskAlerts is the solution to your problem. Even if working together via long distance, you can still closely get in touch with all of your salespeople. DeskAlerts is a notification system that sends alerts straight to a person’s desktop, even if you are miles away from each other. It is web-based, so as long as all of the computers involved are connected to the Internet, you won’t have a problem sending your messages.

Here’s what you can do with DeskAlerts:

  • Send instructions through desktop notifications. You can directly send your orders and instructions to the entire team or to one or more specific home-based employees and expect them to receive them in an instant. Whatever they are working at will freeze and a pop up message from you will appear right on their screens. Right then and there, too, you will know if they have read the message because you will be notified if they received it. Don’t worry; your message will not disappear on their screens if they do not acknowledge it.
  • Send product brochures or product promotional videos through DeskAlerts’ email notification system. To make sure they are well-versed with your products, you can also send files through email. Don’t worry about if the files are heavy. You can attach as many files as you want. You can also attach presentations, photos and videos through email so they will have many promotional materials on hand.
  • Reach them through SMS. Because you are working with people whom you can’t monitor 24/7, you wouldn’t know if they are online all the time. If you have urgent matters to discuss with your team, you can reach them even if they are away from their computers. Deskalerts supports SMS alerts to help you with your immediate concerns.

Improve your coordination by developing communications strategy with DeskAlerts’ instant messaging system. Its quick and easy open line communication will bring more sales to your company, despite working with a team that works miles away from you. Clients such as Oceaneering, Swiss Life, Royal Canin, Siemens and Comcast will not trust DeskAlerts if not for its credibility and efficiency in providing internal communications solutions to corporations and organizations. Increase your sales now with DeskAlerts!

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