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DeskAlerts – Active Business Solutions

The DeskAlerts desktop alerts system offers a lot of solutions to businesses today, including the elimination of email waste and insurance that everyone stays informed at all times.

Desktop Alert Software

Desktop alerts are a critical tool in many business settings. Being able to notify people of important information, changes, emails, or other communications instantly is one of the rewards of using this tool. Creating active alerts for your business starts with knowing how to utilize the tool and getting a custom solution that will suit your needs. There are pre-packaged solutions that are out there, but customizing is always the better option for your business. People have a lot to do and you can't rely on them to keep tabs on their emails and messenger applications throughout the day. With these alerts, you'll know that everyone is being kept informed and no one is missing a beat.

Why Desktop Alerts?

Email is ineffective, at best. Because people are bogged down with so many messages, they simply ignore ones that they assume aren't relevant or necessary for them to look at. They also might not get to check their email as often as necessary. This is where alerts come into place. You can use desktop alerts for a variety of benefits, including:

-Increased awareness of daily operations, changes, communications and other goings on within the business.

-Instant delivery of information and updates that may be time sensitive.

-Increased or new revenue streams when used with clients/customers.

sales communication channel

-Increased loyalty, brand awareness, and customer communications.

Desktop alerts can do many things for your business, depending on how you use them. Keep in mind that they are mostly an internal tool, of course. Some companies reach out to utilize them with customers and potential clients, but for the sake of our argument for these unique tools, we'll assume they are for intranet use within an office or organization.

Desktop Alerts: Mass Communication That Works

Desktop Alert SoftwareDesktop alerts work. It's really that simple. That's why people choose them for their business. RSS feeds, emails, messenger notifications and other communication streams are ineffective at best. They are either under-utilized or simply ignored because people don't know what information is relevant to them and what isn't. With instant, mass alerts, you can ensure that everyone knows what is going on and what information matters.

What can you do with these alerts? It's more than just email notification. In fact, you can utilize desktop alert tools to share:






-Flash Presentations

-News and Updates

-Internal Memos

-And more!

We can help you create the ideal desktop alerts for your needs, no matter what you might be searching for. It's all about reaching out to people and knowing that they got the memo, with guaranteed delivery and an instant alert that no one can ignore.

Desktop Alerts: No Opting-In Required

The great thing about these alert solutions is that your employees don't have to opt-in to get them. You can create a system that delivers real-time alerts to everyone regardless of whether they want them or not. You'll never have to worry about someone “missing an e-mail,” “not activating the alert,” or any other excuse that they might come up with.

You can even target your intended audience with desktop alerts so that people don't get notifications that aren't intended for them. This can be done based on employee demographics, directory settings, or other important identifiers that help you choose who needs to see different alerts when they occur.

You can push all important information onto the desktop without manual permission or acceptance from your employees, which is exactly why our desktop alert solutions are perfect for your business. Target the right people and make sure information is delivered in a timely fashion to eliminate excuses and excessive emailing.

Desktop Alerts: What You Get

With the next generation of real-time communication, you stand to gain a lot. Not only do you get guaranteed, instant delivery, but you also get the security that you need in your alerts, including encryption, monitoring of users, and other features that you won't find in out-of-the-box solutions.

Our goal is to customize everything so that your business gets the best communication tools for less. No matter what you have in mind, you can get persistent, powerful, cut-through alerts that guarantee that everyone is informed about what is going on. That allows you to bypass email and prompt employees to get, respond to, or act on information when you want them to have it, not whenever they get around to it.

Your business needs to stay on top of things if you're going to get more out of your investment. By taking the time to utilize things like desktop alerts, you can guarantee that you will have an active stance in daily operations and take advantage of next generation communication tools to give your business the upper hand that it needs on so many different levels.

Our Clients:

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