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DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System For Enterprise


Having a reliable internal communications system is essential for any business, particularly in times of uncertainty and upheaval, like what we are experiencing today with the COVID-19 situation.

If you can’t communicate quickly and efficiently with your employees, you can’t be certain they will have the information they need to do their jobs properly, to stay safe and to understand the organization’s goals.

A communication system that is cloud based can be even more beneficial for your business, given that today a great number of businesses have sent their employees home to work remotely.

The main difference between a cloud based and an on premise system is that when it is hosted in the cloud, it is hosted on the software vendor’s servers and can be accessed easily from anywhere through a web browser. On premise software is hosted locally on your business’ computers and servers. Thus, when you opt for a cloud solution, it doesn’t rely on your infrastructure performance.


Why you need a cloud-based communication platform

Cloud based systems are becoming increasingly popular. According to Flexera research, 59% of enterprises expect growth of their cloud usage compared to what they planned before the pandemic.

Communication systems are not an exception to this.

In fact, 53% of our customers have indicated they are looking for a cloud based enterprise communications system.

And this is unsurprising. As we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to offer a flexible work environment with seamless access to systems has been critical for businesses to continue to thrive and function.

In many companies when employees first shifted to working from home in large volumes, systems were strained because they were never designed to have so many remote connections accessing them at once. This negatively affected the productivity, profitability and business continuity of these companies.

Companies that relied on cloud-hosted services fared much, much better.

And while being able to reach your employees through on premises devices is an important aspect to any corporate communications strategy, it assumes that those devices and your employees are all working from one of your corporate offices and are using a functioning network.

When the network goes down or an issue that affects your company happens outside of regular office hours and you need to communicate urgently with your employees, those devices - for example, desk phones, office loudspeakers, digital signage and desktop computers - may not be useful at all as they will fail to serve their intended purpose as a delivery vehicle for alerts and announcements. You will be limited in the number of options you have to reach your people with the important information that they need.

That is why you need a cloud based communication platform.


How the DeskAlerts cloud communication solution works

DeskAlerts is an internal notification system, that can be located on on-premise servers or based in the cloud. Both types of hosting have similar functionality. They use different communications channels such as pop-up notifications, video messages, desktop tickers, corporate wallpapers, corporate lock screens, corporate screensavers, surveys and more.

The system is designed to be intrusive to ensure it gets your employees’ attention, no matter where they are located and no matter what other tasks they are engaged in at the time.

With the cloud based version of our notification system, the software is hosted on our server for top tier stability, security and scalability. Client applications are built by the DeskAlerts support team and distributed by your own administration team. Active Directory integration is configured to suit your security requirements, and DeskAlerts messages are then delivered to any devices with an internet or sometimes mobile connection.

DeskAlerts works perfectly as a web-based communication system. Administrators can access the cloud communication solution via a web browser from anywhere and send messages directly to employees.

It is a cloud alert system that offers you scalability and efficiency, and will help you improve your day-to-day internal communication.


Benefits of the DeskAlerts cloud based communication system


By using the DeskAlerts cloud solution for your organization’s internal communications, you can easily reach thousands of employees whether they are in the office or working outside the office - no matter where they are at all.

The benefits include:

The ability to send messages to all of your employees at once and to be sure that they are seen by 100% of people - even if they are working from home, are traveling or work in the field.

  • You can send communications even if your system is down.
  • You can send notifications from literally anywhere. You don’t need a VPN connection.
  • You can send notifications to any devices without having to make additional adjustments - no VPN or reverse proxy is needed.
  • The DeskAlerts system can be integrated with other systems via API to meet virtually any business requirements.

Reasons to try the DeskAlerts cloud alert system

If you’re looking for a reliable system to improve communications in your organization, DeskAlerts is a versatile communications system for enterprise, and can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

Here are the five main reasons you should try DeskAlerts… but if you have any more, please share them with us in the comment field below!


1. Send different types of content for different purposes

No matter what you need to communicate with your employees, you can do it with DeskAlerts. Whether you’re announcing new policies and procedures, reminding people about training opportunities, sending emergency notifications, inviting people to corporate events or informing them about system outages, DeskAlerts is the tool you need to make sure your information reaches your employees.


2. Cut costs by embracing a cloud based communication platform

When you use the DeskAlerts a cloud-based communications system, it costs your company less money than if you have to own and maintain your own Windows-based VM or a physical server.

In fact right now the DeskAlerts cloud system is 50% off!


3. Free up your IT department’s time

There are many ways DeskAlerts can save your IT department’s time. Firstly, when you use it to send notifications about IT outages and other IT issues you can free up the time your help desk employees spend answering repetitive phone calls about a known issue.

You can further save their time if the communications system is located on the cloud they won’t need to spend any time at all on the installation process and software updates. These are all done automatically on our end.


4. Dedicated tech support

In the event you ever do experience any technical issues, the nature of a cloud based platform for communication means you can get a prompt resolution from our team of technical experts - even without your involvement.


5. Deploy it quickly

The DeskAlerts cloud solution is so easy to use, you can have it deployed in less than a day an start using it straight away, making the most of all its benefits and features.


With the challenges posed by the current pandemic, DeskAlerts wants to help businesses to provide critical communications to employees. Get in touch with us today to find out how the cloud-based employee communication system can work in your organization's environment.



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