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Internal Communication Template


Communications professionals are often busy at the best of times, with so much going on that needs to be communicated to employees. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace of work has become even more hectic for many comms advisors, with changing government advice, COVID-positive cases in the workplace, new rules and guidelines, new policies and procedures, and a range of health and safety information needed to be communicated regularly.

A lot of time is tied up in the approvals process for internal comms professionals, and having pre-written and pre-approved internal communication templates can help to claw back some of the red tape.

Internal communication templates you need in 2021

A good way to save time and get organized is to use templates for the most likely types of internal communications messages you’ll need to distribute. Internal communication templates save you time and serve as a reminder of the facts you need to update people about and add consistency to your messaging.  All you have to do is add a few tweaks and send!


These are the ones we think will be most useful in the year ahead:


1. Leadership communication template

Effective leadership communication is essential in organizations to build a strong corporate culture, encourage openness and transparency, and to have well-informed, engaged employees. Leadership communication should be authentic and highlight the visibility of leaders in your organization and a willingness to include employees.

An error that can be made in leadership communication is to have messages that aren’t authentic and sound arrogant or condescending. Other times they can be too full of jargon and complicated language their meaning is lost.  A leadership internal communication template can help you to stay on course with simple and direct language.



Dear colleagues,

I’m so pleased to announce that [company name] is about to embark on a new adventure with the [commencement of program/initiative/merger/launch of product/another announcement].  This is an exciting new era for us and will mean that [consequences for the organization]

Thank you to each and every one of you who have worked to get this project off the ground. In particular [mention specific team members]. 

Keep up the good work!

[name of leader]




2. Company event message template

Company events are important for organizations, and employee participation is what makes them a success. When you can get employees to attend and interact, it helps build relationships, which helps with teamwork, bonding, and collaboration. They’re a great way to improve engagement.



Dear [name]

You are invited to attend [event name] on [day, month, year] at [location] from [time] to [time].

This is an opportunity to [network, party, socialize, catch up with colleagues, etc.], and we look forward to seeing you there!

The dress code will be [formal, cocktail black tie, casual, smart casual]. Please RSVP by [date]


4. Emergency communication template

Emergencies happen when you least expect it - often with no warning at all. In an emergency, every single second can count and can mean the difference between life and death. The less time you spend composing an internal message, the more notice you can give your employees to take the appropriate steps to remain safe.



EMERGENCY! FIRE!  A fire has broken out in (building name) in (specific are).  You need to evacuate the building immediately. Anyone not in the building should stay away until further notice. The fire department has been notified and is responding. Please follow any instructions emergency services give you.   END OF MESSAGE.




4. Cybersecurity message template

According to research by Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cost of cybersecurity damage is expected to hit $6 trillion in 2021. Attacks are growing exponentially every year. 

A TechRepublic survey found that 50% of internet users would actually click on a link in an email from a sender they don’t know. 

There’s also been an increase in attacks that are using COVID-19 to create mayhem - whether it’s to hit already overburdened hospitals with ransomware or to fraudulently pose as businesses on the frontline of the COVID response. Can your business afford the downtime and other damages caused by a cybersecurity attack?



Cyber Security Threat: Our security team has detected a phishing email from [insert source]. Please delete the email immediately. If you have clicked any links in the email, please contact the IT department immediately.

Learn how to protect your organization from ransomware attacks. 


5. IT communication message template

Messages from the IT department to the rest of the organization are a fairly routine, reoccurring part of internal communications. This can include outages, upgrades, and planned maintenance. Because these messages are sent so regularly, it makes sense to have templates so you don’t spend lots of time on them unnecessarily.



We are aware of issues affecting [software/system] at [location]. The IT team is currently working to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, employees may experience problems when [insert what the issue is eg: logging on, sending emails, using the internet, using particular software]

It is estimated that there will be a resolution no earlier than [time/date]. Further notifications will be sent if the situation changes.


7. Compliance communication templates

Every organization has policy and procedure changes that are extremely important for employees to understand, acknowledge, and act on. It can be difficult communicating these effectively because people don’t always read their emails or visit the intranet. 

With DeskAlerts you can send advice to employees about process and policy updates via an on-screen pop-up notification that includes a mandatory button for employees to click to acknowledge they have read the information. This helps to keep people accountable.



There has been an [update/new policy introduced] that requires your acknowledgment and compliance.

The [ policy/procedure]  has been [updated/amended] because [reasons such as changes to laws, legal advice, best practice, new software, etc.]. 

Changes to the [policy/procedure] include: [some highlights].

Read the full text here: [attach a document or link to intranet].

Disclaimer: By clicking the OK button below, you confirm that you have read and acknowledged the terms of the policy/policy update.


7. Employee appreciation message template

Letting your employees know that you appreciate their work, particularly when they’ve made a significant achievement, helps to boost morale. This can include outstanding results, employees who have solved a problem, or those who have gone out of their way to help their colleagues.



Thank you [xx name] for your professionalism and dedication to [xx company]. Your hard work is a great demonstration of how our staff can be innovative and solve problems to contribute to the company’s overall success.


8. Employee motivation message template

Every now and then employee motivation can hit a slump, particularly in challenging situations that can be beyond your control, such as the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having some templates on hand to send motivational messages can help you in your time of need.



A perfect employee is one who inspires their boss as much as their boss inspires them. I’d like to thank you for being my inspiration.


9. New employee announcement templates

When new recruits join your team, it’s a good idea to introduce them, so everyone else knows who they are, what they’ll be doing, and their background and experience. Even though you might want to walk them around and introduce them, you can miss employees who are away or in meetings. An announcement in conjunction with any other introductions will help cover all bases.



Welcome to [first name] [surname] who has started work with us today in the position of [job title, location if appropriate]

[First name] is experienced in the [industry name] industry and has previously worked at [examples of companies/organizations].

[He/She] will be working on [tasks or project name] in the new role. Please make [first name] feel welcome.


10. Safety reminder template

As an employer, you have a duty of care to keep your employees safe. There are lots of hazards and risks in the workplace that employees need to know about, as well as steps they need to follow to keep themselves and colleagues safe. During the pandemic, there have been increased requirements such as hygiene, social distancing, PPE, and mask use.



Wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required to maintain a clean and safe working environment. Review our full PPE policy here [Insert a link]



11. Training announcement template

Training and development in the workplace not only helps to expand the knowledge base of your employees and teach them new skills so they can perform their jobs better, it also helps to increase satisfaction and morale. When you have invested in training opportunities for your team, you need to make sure that they know about them and will therefore participate in them.



[Company name] is committed to the professional and career development of its employees. 

There is a training opportunity available to you: [course name].

This training is [mandatory/optional] and will enable participants to [brief description of learning outcomes].

Training will be held at [date/time/location]

Please indicate your attendance to [contact details] by [date].

How DeskAlerts can help with your internal message distribution

DeskAlerts is an internal communication software system that will revolutionize the way you communicate with employees. It is a deliberately disruptive system designed to grab employees’ attention, bypass email, and other ineffective systems to ensure that your important corporate information is received, acknowledged, and acted upon.

DeskAlerts enables you to send internal messages via several distribution channels including:

  • pop-up alerts, 
  • scrolling desktop tickers, 
  • corporate wallpapers, 
  • corporate screensavers
  • digital signage,
  • push notifications. 

It can be used to send internal messages to practically any corporate device and is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX as well as Android and iOS devices. You can also send surveys, polls, emergency notifications, and video content.

Send to the entire organization or niche audience segments. Send now or schedule for later.

You can get results in real-time letting you know who has seen your messages and who hasn’t so that you can take appropriate steps.

When you use our internal communication templates in conjunction with the DeskAlerts system you’ll improve communications outcomes for the better. Get in touch for a free demo today.



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