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Why Should Your Company Invest in Email Newsletter Software

Just like most professionals, business communicators are always on the lookout for ways to make communication in the workplace more efficient. Back in the days, corporate newsletters were printed and distributed to every employee in the organization.

But times have changed that there are only a few companies that still distribute printed newsletters to their staff. These days, many firms prefer to send out email newsletter or e-newsletters to their workers. This can be achieved with the use of email newsletter software, which enables corporate communications group to share news, announce promos, or communicate with the rest of the organization by sending e-letters.

With an email newsletter software, business communicators can manage contacts and group them into lists. The program can also be used to send attractively formatted messages, and analyze how the email performed by tracking down the number of employees who actually opened the e-newsletter.


There are many benefits of having email newsletter software in an organization, such as:

1. Cost savings.

One of the major reasons why companies have shifted to sending electronic newsletters is the savings they get from it. An e-newsletter is a lot more cost efficient as a communication channel compared to a printed news letter.

It costs less to produce a corporate e-newsletter, as there are no printing and mailing costs. Corporate communication specialists can simply email the newsletter once it has been approved by the head of the communications unit. There’s no need to print the newsletter, distribute a copy to every member of the organization, and mail the other copies to employees in other offices or locations.

2. Speed of distribution.

Email newsletter software also facilitates the speedy distribution of the communication medium. With this program, it becomes a lot easier for the corporate communications team to distribute the corporate newsletter. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the corporate communications group can deliver the corporate newsletter to everyone in the organization, from the highest ranking official down to its lowest ranking employee.

3. Facilitates consistent message delivery.

Having an e-newsletter in the company can ensure that the employees will get accurate information on a consistent basis. By publishing and emailing an employee newsletter, the corporate communications team can have one, vital channel where employees can get information about company news and updates ranging from new products and services, new policies, among others.

4. E-newsletters produce trackable results.

Email newsletter software can provide instantaneous, trackable results. It’s something that can be hard to accomplish in the traditional printed newsletters. These programs can provide users with various data such as open rates, bounces, and click-throughs.

These bits of information may seem inconsequential to some, but for expert communicators, these data can provide them with an idea on what contents resonates with their readers. By knowing what their colleagues want, corporate communicators can then prepare more content that are likely to be read by the rest of the organization.

5. Improves level of engagement of employees.

Simply put, when a corporate newsletter is consistently delivered to their computers, employees will become more informed about company news and developments. By sharing key company information in an e-newsletter format, workers will feel that they are connected with the organization, and will know where they ‘fit’ in the overall scheme of things.

Indeed, email newsletter software has changed the way corporate communicators approach the traditional corporate newsletter. Gone are the days when employees will reluctantly receive a copy of a company newsletter, and leave it unread in their desks. With e-newsletters, employees can get updated on company news and become more aware of what is happening in the institution they belong in.

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