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Engage Your Employees with DeskAlerts

How engaged are your employees? Are they happy with their jobs, or is going to work a miserable chore they feel they have to endure every day until they find a better gig?




If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you might be shocked to learn that as many as 70 per cent of your employees might not actually want to be there.

Employees who are engaged are enthusiastic, passionate, excited and invested in their jobs and the company they are employed by. These employees tend to work harder, be more profitable, and are enthusiastic ambassadors for your company when they talk to other people – be they clients, stakeholders, family or friends.

These employees are motivated by more than just their salary – they believe in the work the organization does, and they feel their role in it gives them meaning and purpose and they are contributing to something worthwhile.

Improving your employee engagement to have the majority of your staff fit this bill is not an easy task, and there’s no quick fix. It takes a long-term strategy and often-times an organization-wide cultural change to see improvements.

By figuring out what your specific challenges are going to be, you can then put a plan in place will help to drive change within your organization. And when you do, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right tools for the job at your disposal.

DeskAlerts can help you to engage your employees.

DeskAlerts is a powerful internal communication solution that sends messages to your employees’ desktop screens in the form of a pop-up window that can’t be ignored or minimized – it requires a user response.

The ways it can contribute to better engagement include:

Improved internal communication practices

Many studies have found that organizations with poor internal communication practices have problems with employee engagement.

How does your organization’s internal communications fare? Do you have a strategy? Or do you deliver information ad hoc? Or worse, do you fail to keep your employees informed at all?

Perhaps the current tools you are using, like email, just aren’t getting the job done. With DeskAlerts you can be sure that your messages are being received whether you send them to the entire organization or just to a targeted group of employees.

You can ensure all your important company announcements, changes to policies and procedures, great news about achievements and more are sent to your staff so they know what’s going on.

Survey your staff

You can benchmark the mood of your staff by using the survey and statistics module in DeskAlerts that allows you to quickly and easily create and publish surveys and polls that are pushed straight to employees’ screens.

The results will appear in real time, and you can begin implementing actions based on employee feedback immediately.

Provide learning and development opportunities

Many employees who are no longer engaged with their work get to that place because they feel they have no opportunities for growth.

With DeskAlerts you can deliver training opportunities to your staff, either via video training straight to their screens or by linking them to content that exists elsewhere, such as on your intranet site.

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