How to Improve Your Internal Communications using DeskAlerts

Caroline Duncan - Sep 25, 2017 4:10:10 PM

Research has shown that companies with good internal communication practices perform better than those who don’t. Internal communication is good for productivity and profit, and helps you boost engagement and morale so you retain the best staff.

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When you’re considering tools to utilize in your internal communications efforts, you can’t look past DeskAlerts. It’s a powerful internal communications solution that can be used in multiple ways to keep your staff informed.

These are some of the key features you can trust to keep your employees up-to-date with important information:

Pop up alerts

When you use DeskAlerts as your corporate notification system, messages are sent straight to your employees’ computers in the form of a pop up window that can’t be skipped or ignored.

The pop-up alert will always be the top item on a screen, no matter what apps or software your staff are using – even if it is locked or in screensaver mode.

You can send rich content, including images, audio, video and html. The DeskAlerts corporate notification system comes with Windows and OSX support. You can customize your alerts to match your corporate branding and also create templates you can use in advance. The system will also confirm who has read the messages, in real time.

Video alerts

Video is proving to be an effective way of communicating internally in organizations. You can use DeskAlerts video alerts to send messages containing videos in an assortment of formats. They are sent to recipients as desktop pop-ups, just like any other DeskAlerts messages.

Emergency alerts

DeskAlerts can be used as an emergency alerts system, enabling you to send urgent information to your employees in an emergency or disaster situation.

You can send the emergency alerts to your entire workforce, or just those employees who are affected: for example your office in one particular city, staff who work on a particular floor of an office building.

The user-friendly platform will minimize the time it takes you to send an emergency alert, which is important during time critical incidents. You can save even more time by sending a pre-defined message to a pre-defined audience.

Digital signage

The DeskAlerts Digital Signage solution helps you use LED, LCD and projection displays to show content of different formats such as videos, images, graphics and text. This is a good way to reinforce information in your internal communications campaigns and share information, corporate news and product and service promotions to employees inside the office, and clients in your public areas.

Desktop ticker

The desktop ticker is a less intrusive and interruptive method of relaying messages. It’s a narrow window that scrolls moving text at the bottom of your employees’ computer screens. It can be used to send news, article follow-ups and updates, and links to internal communications resources such as SharePoint and intranet sites.

Corporate wallpaper and screensaver

These are more passive solutions, letting you communicate with employees direct to their computers. Your materials will appear in the background of their computers as wallpaper or on their screensaver when their machines enter screensaver mode – or you can do both.

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