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How Alerting Systems Save Lives

Alerting systems in the workplace are vital to the safety and security of everyone who works in the organization. They don’t only inform staff members of emergencies, dangers and calamities; if these systems are efficient and effective, they are able to save lives.

Unfortunately, emergencies do occur anywhere. The key to surviving these events is to be prepared and to have flawless communication with people who can help and assist you. Remember that the better communication lines are between staff members and those who can help, the better chances of their survival. The reliability of alerting systems could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are how these systems can save lives:

1. Deployment is immediate.

Emergencies, calamities and dangers can occur in the workplace. When these events occur, alerting systems are immediately deployed; after all, the key to survival in most instances is a quick and automatic response.

However, it is important to note that these systems are only effective and automatic when they are integrated into the emergency policies and evacuation plan of an organization. Therefore it is imperative that your notification system be tried and tested first along with your emergency policies and evacuation plan even before life-threatening events occur.

2. They create a centralized command center.

During the occurrence of an emergency, people can go into a panic, which could then potentially result in chaons. When alerting systems are integrated into the emergency policies and evacuation plan of a company, employers are able to create a centralized command center that brings back order during times of distress. From the said command center, you will be able to notify staff members of what is going on and give them instructions on how to handle the situation. These notifications are intended to bring back order and control when situations become chaotic due to panic.

3. They allow for communication with a variety of devices.

The great thing about alerting systems is that they simplify communication through the utilization of various devices. Instead of having to worry about staff members receiving emails or text messages, a notification system will automatically send messages to staff members through different channels to make sure that these notifications are received and read.

In a matter of seconds, notifications are sent out to employees through different platforms, so that no matter where they are or what they use as their primary communication device, they will sure to be reached.

4. Alerting systems notify first responders.

When emergencies occur, first responders are automatically contacted simultaneously as staff members are notified. This speeds up the time in which first responders reach the site and assist staff members inside the premises. After all, the sooner and faster trained support arrives in the workplace, the better the odds of survival of employees.

The beauty of these systems is that because first responders are immediately contacted, response times are cut and situations will be resolved at a much quicker rate.

5. Having a system means you are taking responsibility for the safety of your employees.

Not only does a notification system save lives, it makes people feel safe and valued. Having such a system installed and integrated into your emergency plans and procedures will make your employees feel that you care for their security and safety. The system will make employees feel that you value them not only as workers, but as real people.

And should the time come when an emergency does occur, make sure that you have prepared and practiced beforehand as to lessen chaos and to make people feel more secure.

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