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How DeskAlerts Can Help Cut Through Email Clutter

With inbox clutter affecting so many people, if you want to reach your employees with important information, you can’t rely on emails alone to do the job.

email overload

It’s estimated that around two thirds of emails sent in North America alone are never opened.

This sobering statistic means that if you are sending information that is essential so your employees can stay informed – and even perform their jobs properly – you’re running a big risk by assuming that if you send it in an email they will not only read it and action it, but they’ll have noticed it in their inbox and opened it in the first place!

If you want to find a targeted solution that will keep your employees informed and cut through the email clutter, look no further than DeskAlerts.

This internal communications solution can not only help you cut through the clutter in terms of being heard, it can also help you to rid your workplace of the problem completely.

The ways it can help include:

Delivering information directly to users

DeskAlerts will send a message in the form of a pop up window that cannot be dismissed or ignored, direct to the screens of your employees. This means they won’t miss any important information that you need them to know. The messages will display even if your employees’ PCs are on sleep or screensaver modes. And the messages will not be contributing to the number of emails in their inboxes.


You can use DeskAlerts to send to your entire organization, or target individual users, or specific groups. For example if there is an issue affecting one floor of a building, one geographic office location, or one work team, you don’t need to add to the email load of every other employee when you communicate with just the affected employees.

Send traffic to the intranet

A lot of the corporate information that is sent out to employees could just as easily have a home on the company intranet or enterprize social networking sites, instead of being emailed. One of the problems with this method is that it generally relies on staff seeking the information out and knowing where to find it. With DeskAlerts, you can send notifications to your employees letting them know whenever you have added new important information – or just as a reminder that these resources are there.

Mobile alerts

Missing information that’s send by email can be even worse for staff who aren’t based in the office and are on the road or working on-site all day long. They might only have the opportunity to check their emails at specific times between appointments or when they aren’t traveling. By using DeskAlerts mobile alerts, you can send important company information direct to their phones, bypassing the email clutter completely.

Send hints and tips

You can even deploy DeskAlerts to send email management hints, tips and strategies to your employees to get them to embrace a culture of sending and receiving less emails, and managing their inboxes more effectively. DeskAlerts is an extremely effective tool for delivering education to staff.

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