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How to Motivate Employees Through Newsletters

A company internal newsletter is one of the most effective tools you can utilize to motivate, to inspire, and to keep your employees happy and engaged. Not only is a newsletter a medium wherein you can update staff members regarding things that have been going on in the company, it can also contain information regarding achievements, policies, social events and other activities and services in the company.

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When done properly, here are some of the ways that newsletters are able to motivate employees, give them a sense of belonging, and make them feel more engaged with the company they work for:

1. A company internal newsletter features issues and stories that are important and relevant to employees.

While some businesses think that the purpose of a newsletter is simply to inform employees about the company's plans and policies, most of the content should actually be about issues and stories that are important to staff members.

A newsletter is only effective if it manages to touch employees; therefore, businesses should also put emphasis on new hires, staff achievements and stories as they do new product launches and new policies.

2. This medium can boost morale.

Keep the tone of your company internal newsletter conversational and positive. Constructive criticisms as well as feedback about job performance should be discussed in private. If you maintain a positive and appreciative voice in the writings contained in the newsletter, employees are left feeling more motivated and happy about their job and position in the company.

3. Newsletters are both entertaining and educational.

Think of your company internal newsletter as 80 percent educational and 20 percent entertaining. Take the example of newspapers – in as much as we read it to catch up on the things that are going on in the world, the entertainment section, crossword puzzles and even comics provide a break from all the serious writing. So during the creation of your newsletter, remember to also add in entertaining stuff as well, such as inspirational quotes and stories, comic strips and others.

Remember to keep your newsletter creative. Instead of merely adding on text to the page, add interesting and colourful images, graphics and videos. Even if your content may be the most thought-provoking, people won’t be excited about reading it if the newsletter itself looks boring and bland.

4. A company internal newsletter is dynamic and interactive.

A newsletter is a communication tool – meaning, it should be dynamic and interactive. It is not a mere monologue; rather, it should initiate two-way conversations between manager and staff.

In as much as a newsletter is meant to feature things that are important to the company and to its employees, it should also move people to either change for the better or to initiate dialogues. Employees are not only meant to passively read whatever is written, they are meant to be active readers. If done correctly, newsletters have the ability to move and touch employees. They can help change minds, bring people together, enhance engagement and increase productivity.

Interactivity also means including sections such as surveys and even contests in your newsletter.

5. A corporate internal newsletter makes staff members feel like they belong.

Keeping employees updated and in on the goings-on in the company will make them feel like they belong in a circle of trust. Knowing inside information give people a sense of belonging – like they’re in on a secret that only the group is privy to.

Also, stories about themselves and their colleagues or keeping them updated about social events in the company will keep employees more engaged.

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