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How to Unify Your Company Through Effective Communications with DeskAlerts

If you are running a multi-national company that has a large number of employees in different states, you may need to consider the use of DeskAlerts. DeskAlerts is a great program that allows immediate communication between CEO’s and Presidents to the managers and lower employees of any company.


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This alert notification system offers secure tracking and customization for failsafe communications that occur constantly in a business organization. With DeskAlerts, you have the advantage of contacting each member of your organization worldwide as it works as a dedicated channel that allows secure back and forth communications. If you are running a multi-regional company, it is recommended that you immediately get this program.

Educating Your Employees

Running a multi-national company is no easy task as you must communicate with your employees from all over the world. In communicating, you relay important company information or directives that impact many branches of your company. This includes sales, marketing, operations, and merchandizing to name a few. Your directives serve as education for your employees which is why DeskAlerts is such as great program for communications. With DeskAlerts running on your organization’s desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, you have so many amazing features that allow you to educate your employees. Some notable features are:

  • Web Based Control Panel. Allows all company members to access your directives from any computer or smart phone.
  • Effective Messaging Strategy. Allows your organization to send secure messages online with instant alerts that appear on all mobile devices.
  • Centralized Data Storage. Employees may store important content for other members of the organization to easily access at any given time.

Training Your Employees

Another major obstacle that most multi-national companies have to hurdle is employee training. When your company produces a new product or service, your employees must be immediately familiarized so that they may proceed to do sales, marketing, and promotions among others. To familiarize your employees you will need to create training videos on the product’s purpose, history, niche, selling point, and materials. DeskAlerts allows you to achieve this via its Desktop Alert interface that allows you to create content such as:

  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Graphics

Why DeskAlerts?

Being a dedicated channel for critical information within a company, DeskAlerts is such an effective communications tool for any multi-national company. In fact, many organizations choose this program because it has the ability to educate employees all at once. With DeskAlerts, you can schedule product training to new employees in different countries at any time. As they complete the product training, you may even test what they have learned by sending content such as quizzes, surveys, and feedback forms for them to fill out. In addition, this program is truly one of the most secure programs that is able to keep all company information under one storage cloud that is only accessible to company members.

Unifying your company your organization truly requires communication. Get DeskAlerts today and secure a better, more financially lucrative future for your business organization.

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