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How to Increase Productivity With Effective Communication?

Any industry and any organization requires good and effective communication. Effective communication is vital because without it, businesses will be unable to succeed and a good number will even cease to operate.

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No matter the communication method or tool that you use – whether it be an SMS alert system, email, intranet, or instant messaging application – information needs to move within an organization in a smooth manner in the right way and during the right time. If communication is stifled or hindered, it can have a negative effect on employee retention, morale and overall productivity.

Here are some of the ways effective workplace communication increases the overall productivity in your organization:

1. More transparency and empowerment

Whether a company opts to utilize email, face-to-face meetings, or even an SMS alert system, the important thing is for employers and leaders to practice effective and positive communication. When communication is effective and open, employees will more likely feel empowered and see management as trustworthy and transparent. Through empowerment and transparency, productivity is improved because employees will feel more committed and engaged to the work they do and the company they work for.

Also, remember that employees who are more informed are more likely to go about their tasks with more confidence and direction.

2. Less friction and misunderstanding

When the workplace is more open and transparent, and when communication runs smoothly within the organization, there will be less friction and misunderstanding amongst members of the workforce. While friction and misunderstandings may not be avoided from time to time, their intensity and duration can be prevented. Remember that while there are times wherein issues cannot be avoided, when misunderstandings and friction become way too much, these issues could case the downfall of a company.

So, whether you are opting to communicate with your employees through an SMS alert system, email, or through face-to-face meetings, make sure to tend to issues as soon as possible and to encourage employees to speak up by allowing them to feel comfortable when it comes to voicing out their ideas and thoughts.

3. Promotes a healthy company culture

Healthy and productive work environments are founded on effective and positive communication. When leaders, managers and staff members have good and healthy working relationships, they are more likely to be engaged in the work they do, and this commitment pushes them to be more productive at work. In turn, when employees trust their leaders and feel that they are valued and respected in the workplace, they are more likely to do their utmost best and are more likely to stay with the company for a long time.

4. Increased accountability

When communication is effective and open within an organization, staff members are more likely to keep each other accountable. Effective communication allows employees to get clear and definite instructions, which then enables them to act according to what is expected of them. Improvement in accountability then increases productivity in the workplace. If there is no accountability within an organization, no one will feel compelled to improve.

5. Clearer direction

Whether or not you use an an SMS alert system, email, newsletter or any other communication tool, be clear about where you want to take the company. Be clear about your purpose and objectives and allow your employees in on these. By doing so, you empower your staff members and make them feel like they are valued contributors to the success of the company. They then will be clear about what they need to do in order to bring the company to the success it seeks. When they are clear about what they need to do, they are more likely to work better and work harder.

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