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Mobile Alert Systems: Keeping Employees Safe

Communication is very important in the running of a business. As a business owner, you need to make sure that the right information is properly disseminated to all the departments of your organization, down to the last individual member. However, reaching out to and communicating with a big number of people can be an incredibly taxing and overwhelming task. If communicating with all your employees every day can be a source of stress for you, imagine how much more stressful it would be when your organization is faced with an emergency situation that could jeopardize not only your operations but would also put the lives of your people at risk. While it is but human nature to feel overwhelmed, it is during these situations that effective communication becomes a critical need.

Having a reliable communication system can spell the difference between safety and loss. The more people you reach, the higher the likelihood of their protection. Business owners and managers like you would do well to have mobile alert systems in place.
While emails and phone calls can be used to send messages, they are not appropriate for passing time-sensitive information during times of disasters or threats. It will be impossible to call everyone on their mobile phone, especially if you have many people in your organization; some of your people might miss the email. On the other hand, a mobile alert system can reach and notify everyone in your organization all at the same time, wherever they may be.

Choosing the Best Mobile Alert Solution

Many disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia tech tragedy have struck organizations over the years, prompting companies to put large scale notification systems in place. Business and other institutions have seen the need for proper planning for and communication during emergency situations.

However, there is an increasing mobile alert and notification providers, all offering various features at various prices that organizations find it difficult to make a choice. Different organizations have different needs and capabilities, so the choice of a vendor should be made by the decision makers in the organization alone. However, here are some criteria to consider in making your choice:

  1. Reliability and performance. Employee lives and company property depend on the kind of notification system you deploy, so make sure that the system of your choice is reliable and dependable.
  2. Ease of use. Time is a critical element in emergency situations, so you need to be able to use it to send messages immediately. Avoid risks by ensuring that the notification system you choose is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate and use.
  3. Features and functions. Take note of which features and functions would be applicable to most of your operational processes. While initially meant to be used only for emergencies, notification systems can also be used for routine functions. Aim for a system whose use you can maximize.
  4. Scalability. Is the system flexible enough to adapt to the changes that your company might undergo in the future? Because a notification system is an investment, you have to make sure that can scale it across all your resources.
  5. Vendor reputation. Be sure to deal only with a provider that has a trusted name in the industry. Do your research and look at the vendors’ clients, what clients have to say about them, and their staying power in the industry. Look for a vendor like DeskAlerts, who caters to more than 700 clients across the world. Established in 2006, DeskAlerts serves big names like Siemens, Comcast and SwissLife.

Benefits of the DeskAlerts Mobile Alert System

  1. Prepares you and your company for emergencies. Anything can happen in the workplace. While the thought of having disasters strike while you are all in the office building is depressing, you need to prepare for the worst. A number of emergency situations can occur, from hurricanes, flash floods, fires and bombings to armed intruders, burglaries and structural collapse. Most disaster victims tend to say the similar thing, that they did not see the tragedy coming. This makes a mobile alert system even more important for an organization to have. No matter the type of emergency, you can deploy the system immediately to alert your people and bring them to safety.
  2. Serves as a centralized command center. When disaster strikes, it is but natural for panic to ensue, leading to distress and chaos in a matter of minutes. By deploying mobile notifications, you can take control of the situation and bring back order by blasting instructions about where to go and what to do.
  3. Gives you the capability to communicate through different devices. DeskAlerts supports all types of mobile devices, allowing you to send messages to any type of smartphone, even to old mobile phone models. It also has an Android and iOS support feature for tablets.
  4. Notifies first responders. The arrival of first responders on the emergency scene can greatly affect the outcome of the disaster. The quicker trained responders arrive, the less damage and risks there would be. With DeskAlerts, you can quickly notify the authorities and other important decision makers. This will speed up response times, enabling responders to evaluate the situations and act accordingly.

There definitely should be no room for error, especially when the lives of your employees are at stake. By putting DeskAlerts mobile alert solutions in place, you can rest assured that our company and your most important asset, your people, are safe.

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