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How Employees Can Be Updated on Industry News with Newsfeed Alerts

Companies would want their employees to be updated on industry news and trends. After all, an informed staff can be more engaged and productive. But it can also be a challenge for the corporate communications team to share industry news, stats, and analysis especially with busy employees. An average worker has to squeeze in rush assignments, meetings, and daily activities in just eight hours a day, so it can be pretty hard for him to allot a few minutes of his time every day just to read industry clippings.

newsfeed alerts

However, technology has also become more advanced that company decision makers can still relay information they want to be shared with the rest of the organization without bothering their workers. A newsfeed alerts software is the practical solution to sharing corporate news and industry trends with the entire workforce.

What is it?

A newsfeed alerts program is a software that can be rolled out in an organization, allowing employees to see corporate news, industry stats and studies, and any content that management would like its workforce to read and understand. The content can be displayed in various forms—popup alert, , SMS, and rolling ticker. Employees will be able to read news, case studies, statistics, and other content relevant to their industry and jobs through their desktop PCs and mobile devices.


There are many benefits of having a newsfeed alerts software in an organization. One obvious advantage is that this type of communication tool can keep everyone in the organization abreast of industry trends.

Banking employees, for example, will be able to know about the latest offerings of their competitors. IT personnel, on the other hand, will know about the latest updates on a certain software or operating system if their companies have newsfeed alerts software in place.

Having an informed workforce goes a long way towards the achievement of corporate goals. IT personnel knowledgeable about the trends in their industry will be able to address client issues or concerns more efficiently. Lawyers who are abreast of the latest court decisions will be guided accordingly in the conduct of their research.

Even decision makers like members of the board and top management would want to be informed about the news in their industry. The more information that they can get, the more accurate stats will be, and the easier it becomes for the CEO or senior executives to make informed decisions like implementing a new policy or launching a new product.

Ease of Use

While using newsfeed alerts may sound complicated to the ordinary office worker, the truth is that this type of program is user-friendly. Newsfeeds may be prominently displayed as desktop alerts or scrolling desktop ticker. This guarantees that the intended recipient will be able to view the content. The scrolling desktop ticker in particular will not bother the employees because it is non-intrusive in form.

The corporate communications group or the department that is managing the content to be delivered through the program can also customize the delivery of messages. They can feed news, headlines, and videos at certain dates and times. They may opt to send the content early in the morning, or early in the afternoon. Breaking news may be delivered as soon as possible.

Most newsfeed programs also have features like auto close function, meaning the message will be displayed on the screen for a given time period then disappear automatically. It can also be configured in a way that multiple messages will appear into one single ticker tape.

By rolling out a newsfeed alerts program, companies can be assured that their workforce remains up to date with news and trends that can affect their line of work.

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