Notification Software: What Every Business Needs

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 11:04:55 AM

The market for notification software has been in existence for sometime now. Used mostly by large corporations, these software solutions play an important role in disaster recovery. These solutions help transmit and disseminate messages containing information critical to the safety of the business and its people during untoward incidents and crises. The capability of the software to send time-sensitive information allows organizations to make better-informed decisions more quickly and with more confidence. The result: less damage to property, investments and lives. 

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Not just for emergencies anymore 

Nowadays, various kinds of mass notification software continue to benefit businesses, but not only during times of distress. More than just an aid to organizations during emergencies and times of tragedy, mass notification and alert software now serve as tools to improve business communication.

Specifically, various organizations make use of notification software for the following applications:

1. Enterprise-wide notification. No matter how big your organization is or how many employees you have in different locations, you can easily notify every individual concerned with company policies, urgent messages and any other type of news or alert they need to know. Notification and alert software gives you the capability to send information quickly and with relative ease.

2. Business continuity. Through various messaging modules featured in the software, business leaders can send millions of messages per hour in a variety of formats that include voice, SMS, and email, among others, ensuring continuous business operations even during incidents.

3. Incident management. During disasters or critical periods, the software does not just alert the intended recipients of the message; it also logs the incident and gives management a view about what is going on at any point during the incident. This helps management see into the incident workflow better, allowing them to make better decisions.

4. Integrated data. The many different functionalities of the software allows for increased connectivity to target audiences, more automated communication processes and integrated feedback from the recipients.

5. Response management. With notification software, organizations can plan responses better, based on the feedback they get from target audiences. 

Selecting a Notification Software Solution 

Without a doubt, your company needs alert software, not just for emergency management, but also for improved internal communications. As such, you need to select one that provides the functionalities that you most need, based on the nature and requirements of your organization. After considering the particular needs of your business, then you can start evaluating your choices through the following criteria:

Ease of use. There is no point investing in a complex software solution, especially if you are going to use it for emergency notification. Decide on a solution that allows you to send message in a quick and easy manner.

Reliability and performance. Of course you would want to invest in a solution that will perform to its optimum and give you the best results. To make sure that your choice is reliable, do your research. Read up on different software, check reviews and testimonials online and ask the provider for issues other customers had had to face while using the software.

Your business will grow and expand, so it is best to go for notification software that can be upgraded to accommodate the growing needs of your expanding business.

Total cost of ownership. While cost must not be a main consideration, it also helps to find a solution that fits your budget. Yes, a notification solution is an investment, but the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best.

While it is good to be thorough in checking all the features of the software, you could save time by checking just the functionalities that you will need for your organization. Doing so will help you decide on the best software.

Prepare your business for disasters and emergencies while improving the way you communicate. With effective notification software from DeskAlerts, you can do both – and more. Contact us now to view our various software offerings.

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