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Questions You Can Include in Employee Surveys

Improve communications in the workplace by knowing how employees feel about their jobs and about the organization they work for. One of the most useful tools to gather these would be through employee engagement surveys. Not only do employee surveys give management an insight into how staff members feel and think, they can then utilize the said information to create a positive work environment and enhance their workers’ morale, productivity and engagement.

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Deepen Insight on the Employee Experience 

When surveys are employed properly, they not only improve communications between manager and his or her team, they also show key indicators such as competitive intelligence, attitudes, loyalty, passions, burnout tendencies and workplace climate. When these things are measured, management can then delve deeper into what affects employee satisfaction, productivity, engagement, turnover and retention.

Employers who value the input of their employees will want to get an insight into their experience with their work and company, so that they, in turn, can feel productive and will want to contribute to the success of the business. 

Creating Valid Surveys 

Improve communications with your employees by making sure that the surveys created and distributed are valid – meaning they meet the needs and requirements of the company and its workforce. Because some managers and leaders do not see the value of employee engagement surveys, they opt to utilize templates that are general and do not necessarily address the needs of the company.

This doesn’t mean that templates are not helpful, of course. Some can be used as a starting point to create a survey that is relevant to you.

Sample Employee Survey Template

While you may want to come up with more specific questions based on how you feel you can improve communications between management and staff, here are some questions that you can modify according to your own objectives and needs:

Company Objectives and Personal Goals

  1. Did I receive a job description and are my responsibilities clearly defined?
  2. Do I truly believe that management is doing its best to make sure that the company succeeds?

Employee Empowerment

  1. Am I fully equipped with the tools and resources to carry out my tasks well?
  2. Does our team leader make the effort to find out how employees feel about their work and the company?
  3. Does my immediate supervisor inform us of all the information that is useful to us?
  4. Am I allowed and enabled to make decisions when it comes to the work I do?


  1. Am I inspired by the company to do my best work every day?
  2. Does the work I do contribute to the success of the business?
  3. If I had a choice, do I still see myself working for the organization a year from now?

Performance and Recognition

  1. Do I get the proper recognition and acknowledgement when I do a good job?
  2. Will working hard and doing well enable me to advance in my work and career?
  3. Does my immediate supervisor address performance issues in our team?
  4. Does management commend exemplary work and performance?
  5. Can anyone regardless of race, age, gender and religion succeed in the business?

Support from Management

  1. Does our team leader show concern for the welfare of team members?
  2. Do I see mutual trust and respect between co-workers?
  3. Are ethics valued more than results and objectives?
  4. Do I feel valued as an employee?

Development and Growth

  1. Is my supervisor concerned about helping me grow in my career?
  2. Am I given feedback so I can improve on the areas where I am weak in?
  3. Are there opportunities for growth and success?
  4. Am I given enough training to do well in my job?

Focus on Clients

  1. Does the organization emphasize “top quality”?
  2. If our offering are of top quality, are our customers satisfied?
  3. Do I observe cooperation within departments and teams?
  4. Are the decisions of the company influenced by the preferences of customers?
  5. Am I allowed to meet the needs of our clients?
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