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Using Mobile Text Alerts for Your Internal Communications

On December 3, 1992, the first ever text message was sent from an office computer to a mobile phone, since mobile phones then had no capabilities for inputting text. A year later, Nokia came up with the first mobile phone with text messaging capabilities, and the world was never the same again.

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Text messaging has taken the world by storm, with its popularity spreading like wildfire, especially among the young people from all parts of the world. Why not? It was a refreshing new way of getting in touch. The introduction of text messaging also known as SMS (for short message service) has brought forth an entire new era in the field of communication.

Is the text message still relevant today?

In the midst of the popularity of text messaging came the smartphone and its various communication-based applications like email, instant messengers and social media apps, causing SMS usage to wane.

But even if text messaging is not as popular today as it was ten years ago, people are not ready to say goodbye to it just yet. SMS remains to be the most effective way of sending and receiving messages. Text messaging has a 90 percent read rate in the first three minutes of delivery, minutes, making it the fastest way of communicating, compared to email and OTT (over-the-top) applications. Unlike smartphone applications that depend on Internet connection and require acceptance of friendship requests or downloading of similar apps, the only thing required to send text messages is a mobile phone and a service plan. SMS allows anyone and everyone to send and receive messages, making it ideal for sending time-sensitive information.

Text Messaging and Internal Communications

SMS has proven to be an effective real-time communication tool in reaching not only customers and external stakeholders, but is also employees within an organization. While emails remain as the main channel of communication in the workplace, SMS is still a valuable tool. Employees cannot be expected to stay in their workstations the entire shift so there is a tendency of missing updates or announcements sent through email. But because they have their mobile phones with them all the time, there is s greater likelihood of them getting and responding to the text messages sent to them.

DeskAlerts understands how critical communication is to business. We know how important it is to reach your employees, especially during emergencies, so we have developed a tool for reaching employees even if they are on-the-go, the mobile text alert.

How can business owners and managers like you benefit from DeskAlerts messaging capabilities? Here we list four practical applications:

  1. Sending reminders about meetings. Every day, your company grows abuzz, as both management and staff work to accomplish tasks and complete their deliverables. Small wonder they tend to forget scheduled meetings or call conferences. With DeskAlerts mobile text alert feature, you can easily send meeting reminders to let employees know that the meeting is about to start. You can send alerts to everyone in the company, a department, or even single individuals.
  2. Communicating system downtime and emergencies. Some employees miss out on important announcements simply because they missed an email regarding these announcements. But what is staff to do when they are neck deep in work they could not be bothered to check their email? Mobile text alerts can be used to communicate system maintenance schedules or give instructions to management and staff in times of crisis and emergency.
  3. Internal hiring. Did a supervisor just turn in his resignation? Before going public about your need for his replacement, why not look at your employees first? Since they have been in the company for some time already, they know the culture of the organization and the ins and outs of operations. Why waste time and money training someone from outside, when you have a rich pool of candidates within your company? Through mobile text alerts, you can send customized announcements regarding vacant posts your employees might be interested in.
  4. Reaching out to workers on the go. Sales or delivery teams are always on the road and might have limited access to their emails. It you have your fleet scattered across many parts of the country, it would be difficult to reach them all by phone. How do you send them critical information? Through mobile text alerts.

DeskAlerts: Your Aid in Reaching More People

Our mobile messaging solution has features that cannot be found in solutions provided by other vendors. Some of these features include the HTTP SMS Gateway support which enables you to send messages to any telecommunications provider worldwide, the capability to support iOS and Android devices and all kids of mobile phones. DeskAlerts also offers the capability to schedule your messages to a defined time and date and a feature that allows for the repetition of messages.

Improve your internal communication with DeskAlerts and see how successful your business will grow.

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