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Why Investing in a Desktop Alert System is a Good Idea

While spending eight hours a day at work may seem like a lifetime for some, in truth, eight hours may not be enough to finish all the work that needs to be accomplished, attend briefs and meetings, and adhere to deadlines. With the work space being more and more hectic, it’s not a surprise that it can be difficult to get the attention of a typical staff member.

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Because of the factors that lead to the difficulty of getting the attention of employees, this has led to entrepreneurs and management looking to tools such as an alerting system or desktop alert software to communicate with employees. Tools such as this helps management communicate with staff members in a very practical way especially since they may not have enough time to browse through their inboxes and reach each and every email that gets sent to them.

Desktop Alerts Versus Email Messages 

While an alerting system and email are both communication tools used in the workplace, they are very different in several ways.

Email messages can be scanned through, ignored or even deleted. When employees are extremely busy, they may tend to ignore urgent messages sent by management through email. On the other hand, desktop alerts will be prominently displayed on the screen on computers, making them highly unlikely to be ignored. Employees are unlikely to disregard them as they have no choice but to see them while they are working at their desks. This assures management that staff members will be informed of important news and updates especially when they are urgent.

Unlike email, desktop alerts are peerless. The messages send through an alerting system will immediately and automatically appear on the desktop screens of intended recipients. On the other hand, email will have to be refreshed and restarted during the moments wherein recipients want to check for new messages in their inbox.

Benefits of Desktop Alerts

Aside from the above mentioned advantages of an alerting system over email, there are more benefits in store for companies should they decide to invest in it.

For one, a desktop alert software will significantly improve communications in the workplace. Through this communication tool, employees are able to receive instant messages which can range anywhere from meeting reminders, new policy advisories, weather updates, important notices and others.

Due to the improvement in communication in the workplace, employees are then able to be more up to date with regards to developments and updates in the company. While the marketing team will know of the new offerings, promotions and inventory challenges in the company, customer service employees will also be informed on dealing with client issues. Moreover, the whole workforce will know if new press releases are published or new corporate ads are aired.

Desktop alerts also enables management to add links to their messages, which, in turn, allows to drive traffic to the intranet of a company. This then promotes creativity, productivity, camaraderie and collaboration.

An alerting system can also reduce staff load and call volume. This is especially useful for the IT department as it lessens the number of calls and queries they receive should computers or systems act up. They can simply send out messages to inform employees of the issues and what they are currently doing to solve them. This, of course, relieves some of the stress employees would face.

Feedback can also be gathered through desktop alert systems. This is particularly useful for the HR department as it can immediately send out surveys through the system. Results can then be gathered and processed within minutes.

Desktop alert systems can also minimize a company’s consumption of electricity as the IT department can activate automatic alerts to inform employees that they should switch off their computers before leaving work.

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