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Why Mobile Alert Systems Trump Email and Social Media Marketing

The success of any business does not just depend on a great product and exceptional customer service. Even if you have the best product in the market and the most responsive customer service representatives, you will not be able to surpass or maybe even reach your business goals if you do not have marketing strategies to get the word out. To succeed in business, you must market your brand effectively. 

Email Marketing

For many years, email has been the main channel targeted by marketers. Thanks to the Internet, businesses have found an easy and affordable way to reach existing and potential customers and inform them about products and services.

However, the days of cheap and hassle-free email marketing are over. While there are still a lot of emails that present different kinds of products, services and even promotions and special discounts, these emails do not get as much attention anymore. People just stopped opening these kinds of emails, after having developed the ability to sniff out spam just from seeing the email subject. In addition to that, email providers have established better ways of filtering messages that come in and identifying which of these emails are spam. The result: lower open rates for email.

Social Media Marketing

Social media integration remains as an influential tool for businesses, but it is not as popular now as it was, say, some five years ago. Remember when all the big and popular people had MySpace? Now there’s Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, but these platforms are now considered commonplace. And even if marketing through social media still works, it does not work as well as it used to, especially since Facebook and other outfits have changed the way posts are seen in people’s newsfeeds. In the past, your followers would automatically see all your posts in their newsfeeds, but not anymore. 

Marketing through Mobile Alert Systems 

If you are still depending largely on email and social media marketing, it’s time to switch to marketing using a mobile alert system. Here is why:

1. Mobile alerts are more personal. The more personalized and targeted your marketing is, the greater your gains. What could be more personal than a message sent directly to the customer’s phone? While email messages are also personal, customers would rather opt to skip the email, a normal consequence of people getting tired of seeing spam and having information overload. 

As mentioned earlier, not all your social media posts could be seen in your customers’ newsfeed, so there is no guarantee your message would be seen. When you use texting as a form of marketing, you are sure that your message is seen and read.

2. Mobile alert systems facilitate quick and easy signing-in and opting out. Text alert marketing allows people to easily sign in and opt out of your messages just by sending you a message – something they cannot get from social media. Although they can unfollow you and never see posts from you anymore, they might not want to do that because your account offers content they like – but not your ads. 

While people can easily opt in and out through email, most of them do not probably because they have already put you on the spam list, so they’re not getting anymore from you. Through a mobile system, you can see how many people opt in and out, so you can target your audience even more effectively.

3. Marketing through text allows people to send you feedback. Text messages are very easy and convenient to send, so if you want to know the general pulse regarding your brand, you can send a text survey, which customers can easily answer on their phone in a short period of time. This works wonders for both you and your customers – they get to tell you about how they think and feel about your product, and you get the kind of valuable feedback you need to improve your offerings.

People are undeniably always on their phones. By using mobile alert systems for your marketing, you get to reach a wider audience that will help you advance your business gains.

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