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DeskAlerts as an Alerting Solution

When you have urgent, important and/or time-sensitive information you need to communicate with your employees, you need DeskAlerts as the tool for the job.

internal communications solution


DeskAlerts is an alert system with multiple benefits, that allows you to send out important information to a large audience in seconds.

This internal communications solution will push messages straight onto your employees’ screens in the form of a pop up window. The messages can’t be ignored or minimized, and will appear even if the screen is locked, in screensaver mode or the PC is asleep.

And if you don’t want the entire organization to receive the messages – sometimes it might only be appropriate for specific work teams or offices in a particular geographic location – you can select the recipients that you want.

If you have experienced sending messages to employees via email, SMS, instant messaging services and intranet channels, you’ll understand the pain of having your messages ignored all too well.

In modern workplaces, employees are often bombarded by emails, phone calls and other distractions, but DeskAlerts can cut through all of that.

Clients who are successfully using DeskAlerts in their organizations do so for lots purposes. This includes communicating about IT system outages to reduce pressure on helpdesks, alerting staff about emergency situations or critical incidents, cyber security issues, sharing important corporate announcements or just improving overall internal communication, to name a few:

Emergency situations: When time is critical you need to communicate as quickly as possible. With DeskAlerts you can easily get information to your employees within seconds, including information about any actions you need them to take.

Different scenarios could include a fire, a gas leak, severe weather, an active shooter or a terror attack.

Cyber security incidents: When your IT systems are compromised, it can be a disaster for your company. When you know of the potential for a threat such as a new virus, ransomware, hoax or scam you can quickly alert your system users so they know to be aware.

Important announcements: You can severely affect the morale in your company if staff feel as though they are the last to know about your organization’s big news. Keep them in the loop by sharing all your big news with them first so they don’t read about it in the newspaper later.

Improving internal communication: Effective internal communication is critical to the success of an organization. When you have good internal communication practices in place you can boost employee engagement and morale, improve productivity, enjoy lower levels of staff turnover and therefore the associated recruitment costs.

DeskAlerts is versatile and will allow you to use various notification channels to deliver your messages. Not only can you send pop up messages, there are other options such as a ticker, corporate screensavers, desktop backgrounds, mobile alerts, SMS notifications, mobile alerts and more.

You can use it for other purposes such as polling your employees and quickly getting feedback via the survey and polls module. You can also use it for routine administrative tasks such as sending meeting reminders, or getting employees to RSVP to events. 

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